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    Question Adapter VGA to HDMI with audio makes a strange constant noise ?

    Hi everyone one, I'm new on this forum. I have converted my old laptop (HP probook 6550b) into a desktop PC. The motherboard has only VGA so I bought an adapter VGA to HDMI with audio. Everything works fine except for the audio because from the speakers a constant noise come out. Sounds like a...
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    Question Audio Duplicating

    I have had this issue for a while now, first noticed when someone complained on warzone about my game-play coming through my mic telling me to turn my tv down.... im on a pc using a headset so that definitely isn't the issue here.. im also trying to start streaming on twitch, watching my...
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    Question Audio cutting out for a second and then returning

    I bought a new computer a week ago and since then I've had this problem: my audio randomly cuts out for one-two seconds and then returns back. It happens to every program (youtube, spotify etc.) and in most games the audio cuts out and my frames drop too. I've tried installing the latest...
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    Does 4 beeps mean motherboard issue?

    Hi, I have a pc that doesn't boot, after some diagnosis, i got 4 beeps from mobo speaker. I then read about the different beep means. According to what I see, 4 beeps mean a motherboard bad timer. I don't know what it mean but it seems that the motherboard is the issue. However, I do not know...