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  1. L

    Are my temperatures too cold? here are my temperatures from speed fan while playing h1z1 at high graphics i'm concerned with the cpu1 since it is saying its at -1c what is your input on it?
  2. S

    Compatibility of Graphic Card with Motherboard

    Will I be able to fit an Nvidia GTX 1060 Graphic Card and a Core i5 (6th or 7th gen) Processor in an Intel DB75EN Motherboard? If not, which Motherboard(preferably low cost) should I go for?
  3. O

    Should I buy the new Kaby Lake processor?

    Hey I'm building my first gaming PC with an Asus H110 motherboard and I want to buy the new i5 7600k processor but when i checked the compatibility on PcPartPicker it said that some Intel H110 chipset motherboards may need a BIOS update prior to using Kaby Lake-S CPUs. I don't exactly know what...
  4. N

    after clean install, can't do anything in it

    Like the title says, I cannot get into the internet, can't setup my printer, can't setup email client, and can't have windows update of Win 7. Odd, I previously installed Win 10 for a dual setup and all went well, so far, with the exception of printing for both of them. I do not understand...
  5. M

    If router can be used to hack user's computer, wouldn't it be safer to not use router?

    I have seen articles and posts how after gaining access to router, hacker can get into computer or do some nasty things. So... wouldn't it be safer if there is no router? There are yes, hacking attempts, but computer has firewall inside anyways. Router, while it can grant more firewall power...
  6. J

    Windows 10 PC Freezing and making looping buzz noise.

    Ever since I have built my desktop, my PC will at random times freeze and produce a loud buzzing noise through the headset. It is not a unresponsive program, as other things would run. It is similar to what happens before a BSOD, but no BSOD happens. I have checked the Event Viewer log for...
  7. 0

    msi rx 480 armor vs gaming x

    Hi, I have been waiting for the gaming x for past 2 months and its still out of stock(there is one seller from whom I plan to buy:mdcomputers in india). I just want to buy a rx 480 but armor oc is available.I dont know how much difference will it make. I am goin for 1080p,and a card which...
  8. E

    do i need to change this Graphics CArd?

    My PC specs are: AMD athlon™ ii x2 3.0Ghz - processor ATI RAdeon HD 4300/4500 Series - vid card 16GB of RAM.
  9. E

    Unlock code for locked screen

    How can I unlock a Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series due to loss of password
  10. I

    Does this mean my motherboard is dead and I'm SOL?

    Have a desktop PC that was running Windows 10. Had to do a reinstall of Windows, and the computer unexpectedly shutdown before I was able to begin. Now the computer doesn't boot at all. The monitor stays black, I don't hear a beep, and I don't see the PC's logo/bios screen. Nothing at all...
  11. Futuristic_MC

    DSL splitter compatible with bonded ADSL

    I've been having problems with my dsl internet that was just made available to us recently and all of them have been fixed along the way and this should be the last once it's fixed. So anyway i'm looking for something like this...
  12. S

    Added more RAM and getting wrose FPS

    Do anyone know why i get worse FPS after adding more RAM. Had 2x2gb and added 2x2gb.
  13. Randomdeath

    Dell Precision 390 not booting

    When i try to boot my system (Dell Precision 390) it gives me a beep error. 1-3-2. I believe this is memory (correct me if im wrong) so i bought a new 4gb kit just like it had and installed it with no luck, same error. Tried three sticks, two, and one in all different slots with all different...
  14. S

    For my System what form of cooling would be best?

    Hey, im building a new pc and am confused as to what form of cooling i should go for, im looking to spend a total of under 200 to adequately cool my system, noise isnt much of an issue. i also do plan on overclocking my Cpu. thanks guys ive been trying to get my head around this but am fairly...
  15. Rostropovich

    Weird display problem

    So, I have this really weird display problem when my computer monitor just fades to black without any warning and when I turn my LG HDTV on that I have hooked onto my computer via HDMI I can see the Windows 10 logon screen and everything's fine, only my monitor isn't working until i restart my...
  16. K

    Second router drastically throttling data

    I am having problems with my internet speed being throttled by my second router, when I am connected to my primary router I get speeds of up to 640 mbps, but after it goes through my extender that speed dips down to maximum 30 mbps. Both routers are rated the same speed and protocol. thanks...
  17. ankido

    How do you block KB3176938 windows 10?

    Hi, KB3176938 is giving me a lot of problems. I'm a gamer and when this update is applied, it's dropping my framerate below 30fps when I normally run over a 100fps. So many people are having issues with games because of KB3176938. Is there a way I can block it in windows 10? It updated...
  18. S

    Is this a Good gaming pc for $764 ?

    Is this a good gaming pc? Intel i3/i5/i7 4th Gen CPUs: Intel Core i5-4570 Haswell 3.2GHz (3.6GHz turbo) Quad-Core 6000K Intel i3/i5/ i7 CPU Fans: Coolermaster Hyper101, Vertical, 2 Copper Heat Pipes, Extra Quiet CPU fan Intel i3/i5/i7 Haswell Motherboards: MSI H81M-E33, Onboard Video, HD...
  19. A

    Is the RoG swift PG278Q still worth buying?

    I'm deciding what monitor to get for Xmas(I know it's early) and I decided on the pg278q as it fits in my £550 budget.
  20. R

    Audio Driver for Compaq Presario 2514 AT

    I need audio driver software for my old laptop presario 2514AT running windows XP. Pl help. Thanks in advance. S RAJA