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  1. S

    WiFi won't Connect (Asus X99 Deluxe 2)

    I'm unable to get the mobo wifi to connect to my network. Every other device I own connects flawlessly. It shows me a list of available networks (strong signal), I choose connect and put in my WEP and I keep getting the error "cannot connect to this network". I've reinstalled my system from...
  2. A

    need help choosing pc parts

    Hi A while ago I decided to make a budget pc that I would use for some gaming , watching movies and normal tasks like web browsing and all , and that was a few weeks ago . So I checked for good builds around 1000$ and less, which usually included the GTX970 or the R9 390 . But now that I want to...
  3. N

    GTX 1060 or RX 480 For FX 8350 ?

    am Indian user few months back started building my pc CPU : FX 8350 MOBO : MSI 970 Gaming RAM : Kingston HyperX 1600mhz 8GBx2 PSU : Seasonic 750W KM3 1.which is best for me ? my spec support Xfire or not ?? in india rx 480 8gb only available at 27k rupees (= 402USD ) rx 480 customized...
  4. V

    CSGO FPS target

    Hi, this summer im going to upgrade pc. I want to have stable 250+ fps on every map in resolution 1024x768 all low with AA and FXAA. Is i5 6600k + r9 280 enough? Now i have fx 6300, so fps is very unstable.
  5. U

    "A GUID partition table (GPT) partitioning scheme is required."

    Hello, Im trying to encrypt my LaCie external hard drive, but i get an error message. "A GUID partition table (GPT) partitioning scheme is required." So, I tried to change the partition under <Disk Utility> to OS X Extended (journaled, encrypted). But, now I get the error message "Running...
  6. Mike3k24


    Hello everyone! Today I was wondering if the PC I am building next month will be good enough for gaming, recording and editing videos. The game I will be playing are CSGO, CoD, GTA 5, minecraft, LoL, and rocket league! Will I be able to play and record these games at a fps while recording? Also...
  7. K

    I'm not sure if this is a problem with the CPU and Memory?

    So I'm helping my friend build a PC. The CPU is the i7 5820k and the memory is the Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 32GB Kit (8GBx4) DDR4 2400 MT/s. So according to, the compatible memory speeds are...
  8. T

    Will my laptop accept an Kingston SSD

    I have an ASUS laptop.
  9. N

    NovaBench- Higher score with 3GB RAM than 2GB?

    I ran a Novabench test on two seperate computers, one with 2GB RAM which resulted in, RAM Speed: 2214MB/s (Score:99) and another with 3GB, RAM Speed: 2246MB/s (Score:93). Shouldn’t the 3GB result in a higher score? Is there are particular reason behind this? Note- The rest of both the...
  10. Kazuma Akane

    Is Biostar a good GPU maker?

    So as the title say: Is Biostar GPUS good? Are they good when compared to Inno3D, Zotac, Colorful, Gainward or Palit GPUS?
  11. R

    Is my PSU or motherboards failing?

    So i have ai suite installed and I get notifications fairly often in the lower corner that say "Warning 5V+.000" or something of that sort. My computer did randomly just shut off a few minutes ago, not sure why. But i even swapped out this power supply for a brand new one and I still got the...
  12. Wayfall

    CPU cooler: suck or blow air?

    Hi I would like to get this CPU cooler ( due to it being better than the stock cooler and its ease of installation but I have three questions. When I'm install the CPU cooling, so I'm looking down at the motherboard with the back of...
  13. D

    X34 or XB271HU?

    I know this has been discussed but those threads are old, now that these monitors have been out for a while I'm asking those with first hand experience what they prefer for single 980 ti 1 monitor setup. I cannot decide if over $700 CAD more is worth the extra real estate on the X34. I am...
  14. la chupacabra

    How to make Mac OS internet shortcuts work in Windows 10?

    Hi, I use MacOS and Windows 10 computers to work on data which is syncing between them by Dropbox. My problem is that shortcuts that I create on MacBook in Chrome for some reason can't be opened under Windows 10. Is there an application or plug-in that will make them work. I know I could use...
  15. J

    Help on my GPU and CPU upgrade

    It's been few years im using my computer and today my gpu finally gave up, I'd like to know whats the best GPU upgrade depends on my set up( was thinking of HD 7850 or 7870) if i go to for that 7850/7870 what CPU upgrade should i go to? remember its probably gonna be awhile till i upgrade my...
  16. W

    EVGA or RaidMax

    I found these 2 PSU's EVGA RaidMax The EVGA is 600 Watt but more reliable while the RaidMax is 735 and Semi but less reliable.. I plan to get a R9 380 4GB and I need to know which one is the best buy PC Build:
  17. E

    Do I need a new PSU?

    Hello my mate is selling me his Palit 780ti Super Jetstream but I am wondering if I do need a new PSU for it since I just have a FPS Hexa He 600w one. I have googled but I am still confused on which PSU to get too. After much deliberation I have decided to replace my current one with either...
  18. S

    Is my Intel 750 SSD running too slow?

    I just recently installed Intel's 750 SSD through my m.2 on my motherboard using the ASUS hyperkit. I ran a crystaldiskmark on it, and the numbers seemed a little low . That benchmark seems to be quite a bit lower than other benchmarks. Is this correct? All drivers and firmware have been updated.
  19. S

    Final build analysis

    You might have seen this build with slight variances. This is the final time I'm asking I have everything in cart. I'm just seeing if anybody will catch something that doesn't add up. PCPartPicker part list: Price breakdown by merchant...
  20. N.Broekhuijsen

    EVGA Introduces Upgradable All-In-One Liquid Cooling System

    Evga is introducing an upgradable closed-loop liquid cooling system -- one that you can expand to include up to four graphics cards and however many radiators you want. EVGA Introduces Upgradable All-In-One Liquid Cooling System : Read more