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  1. N

    Can't Find Chipset on My Computer

    I can't find the chipset in my BIOS. My computer model is Inspiron 3647. I want to find the chipset in my BIOS so I can dedicate more memory to my graphics card.
  2. C

    Pc gaming parts

    What computer parts would i need to run pc games at 1080p 60fps without a problem I don't really know much about computers but yea
  3. MidnightDistort

    USB constant dropouts

    Got an external drive that consistently drops out on USB. Doesn't typically do this but for some reason or another it is doing it every 3-10 minutes and it's driving me nuts, what can i do to fix this or what is causing this?
  4. J

    A GPU question that no one can answer. Can you?

    I have called the manufacture and that cant answer me, I have call various tech stores and they have no idea, I have tried google and everything else with no luck. So maybe Toms Hardware can save me from this. So here is an image of my GPU stats after playing the Witcher 3 for only 10 minutes...
  5. K

    not enough motherboard standoffs.

    hello I have an atx motherboard gigbyte p-85-d3 but it didnt include any standoffs, and my case included only 3 of them, can i go on installing the mb or do i need more?
  6. N

    Lower resolution gaming on 1080p screen

    Hello, I'm planning on buying a laptop soon, for college. I may use it for some games like CS:GO, FIFA or GTA, so it doesn't have to be anything special. However I a need good CPU, so I'm going with the i7-4720HQ. For the money I have, I can afford a notebook with GTX 950M GDDR3 (maybe I could...
  7. Bruski

    Suggestions for Build and Peripherals

    So far, my gaming build is I have a $2000 budget for the actual computer. So any suggestions for improvement it? Also what peripherals (monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset most importantly) would go good with the build (not included in the given budget). Thank you!
  8. J

    ASUS RT-68 or Netgear N7000?

    Hello. What do you think about this routers? I've heard a lot about RT-68 stability, but what about Netgear? I'm looking forward for WiFi range and performance. Especially 2.4 GHz. Thanks.
  9. RejectedPotato

    Merging certain files with Dual OS

    Wondering if it is possible to have the same appdata, Program Files, etc. on dual OS (Win7 & Win10 Tech Preview) or even better, have both OS's on the same partition (not sure if this is possible). Thank You
  10. A

    what is Leadtek NVIDIA Quadro K6000 12 GB DDR5 Graphics Card ?

    what is Leadtek NVIDIA Quadro K6000 12 GB DDR5 Graphics Card ?
  11. T

    Would this fit in my case?

    Would a Cooler Master Hyper TX3 cpu cooler fit inside a Rosewill Galaxy - 02 case? Can you also please check if my build has any problems? Thanks :D
  12. K

    Computer goes straight into power saving mode

    When I turn on my computer, 80% of the time it will go into power saving mode on my monitor. I have to constantly hold down the power button to shut down the computer and then turn it back on for it work. Sometimes it will only take 1-2 tries to get my monitor to turn on, sometimes it will take...
  13. D

    Benq XL2420G or ASUS PG278Q Refurb

    Hi, I am currently wanting a G-SYNC monitor and am stuck between the Benq XL2420G and the ASUS PG278Q. currently has the ladder for $597.39 after $20 off coupon code (Refurbished version) and newegg has the Benq (new) for $588. The blinq site does not have the benq, so that is out of...
  14. dragonorb13

    Looking for optical drives, PSUs

    So, I'm trying to do some experiments - a 3d printer, a couple of other things if that works out well - and I need some bargain-bin parts, basically. I need power supplies - functional, but old, is fine. They aren't going into a computer, so anything is fine. I also need optical drives, floppy...
  15. diven nuttall

    Dual power supply or single

    Hi i was wondering if i should use one power supply or two for this computer. specs: ram: 8gb ddr2 cpu: core 2 quad Q9550 gpu: hd 5770 HDD: 2tb seagate drive i have 2 power supply one 240w and one 365w, i was wondering if i should connect the two together or just use the one 365w psu. btw 26A...
  16. V

    Computer Restarts Randomly - Stops doing it for weeks, does it again

    I have had this PC for a while now but ever since I can remember, it has been restarting randomly (usually while I sleep) and then comping back on. When it comes back on it comes back with zero devices detected and unable to find OS to boot to. Then I just restart it a few times and it's back to...
  17. teqq

    Is my HDD dying?

    HDTune screenshot of health tab: (07)Seek Error Rate (C3)Hardware ECC Recovered are both constantly increasing, what does this mean? and is there a possibility to repair reallocated sectors?
  18. Daniel Harvey

    a ram issue

    Hi, I believe there is a problem with my ram or to do with my ram. the problem is that, generally late at night, my ram usage rises and rises until it hits 8gb (the amount i have) this of course slows the computer down to a crawl, until i restart it and all is well. the problem tends to...
  19. J

    motherboard for the i5 4690k?

    which motherboard is best? ASRock z97 Extreme6 or Asus z970-pro or asus z97 maximus vII ranger with the i5 4690k and the msi hawk r9 270x?
  20. T

    Is this PSU any good

    This is going to be my first pc build and i was wandering if this psu was any good for this build it's my first pc build so i just want to make sure everuthing is going to be working fine. Here's my build...