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  1. Sup3rben

    Question r9 280x screen glitch at 1440p

    I have recently upgraded to a 4k monitor. I know, I am using a 7 year old GPU that was never designed for more than 1080p gaming (I would love to buy a new one but you already know the current situation). Because I have very limited horsepower, I am running most games at 1440p. However, every...
  2. drwal88

    [SOLVED] Did Red Dead Redemption 2 destroy my GPU?

    Hi, I have an old (5-year-old) R9 280x. I started playing RDR2 - the perfomance wasn't too good but I still wanted to try (thinking of buying a new GPU). And suddenly the game froze and I there were some weird lines on the screen. So I restared my computer, stared playing again and the same...
  3. S

    Question How much can i overclock my gpu?

    well the question is that one, i have a r9 270x and a gigabyte p650b 80+ bronze, other specs are i5-4590 asus h81mk 2x4gb 1333 ddr3 hyperx fury ram 2x500 gb hdd (5.4k and 7.2k rpm)
  4. jovanickg1

    Question R9 270x random game crashes

    So here is the question, I've been experiencing random crashes when I start any game, screen freezes my speakers, for some reason, are starting to make some (same tone) noises.. and then I have to restart, sometimes I even have to rebuild boot with command prompt. I know it's an old card, but I...
  5. R

    Question GPU might be broken? (R9 270X)

    I got an old 9 270X from a friend that he thought broke due to liquid damage, but he didn't try to power it afterwards anymore. I cleaned it with some 96% alcohol, applied new thermal paste and tried it in my PC a few months ago, and it worked fine for a few minutes, but whilst installing the...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Help: Insufficient power supply for 2 GPU's?

    Powered by a Corsair HX 850: I recently installed a GTX 1060 6gb along side my radeon R9 270X. the 270x requires two 6pin PCi cords to run. so i purchased another 6pin PCi to power the 1060 however my computer doesnt start on power up. pcpp says i should only be drawing around 350-400w am i...
  7. C

    Possible Upgrade For Gaming PC CPU

    Hello, Recently I made a post asking about my lack in FPS in some games. I have gotten an answer that told me that my CPU was not really 'up to date.' I wanted to ask what CPU I could upgrade to. My Rig Now: -GTX 1060 3GB -16GB DDR3 RAM -AMD Athlon X4 860K My current motherboard only...