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    [SOLVED] Should I worry about my ram's timings?

    Hello everyone. I have a ryzen 5 2600, a b450 tomahawk and cmk16gx4m2b3000c15 ram. My ram is running at 3000mhz. I haven't noticed any problems. I have set in bios a-xmp to profile 1 and the dram frequency to 1.35v. If I open hwinfo, it says that my ram timings are 16-17-17-35. My ram is c15...
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    [SOLVED] how to set timings for 3200MHz,cl14 RAM with 3700x???(noob!)

    Hi.I wonder what timings to set for my 3200Mhz cl14(14-14-14-34) 2x8GB RAM(g.skill/b-die)? Im running it on Asus TUF x570 wifi and 3700x.There r so many things i have no idea about,most of them start with a "t".Im not planning on overclocking the CPU.But would like to run RAM @ 3400 or 3600MHz...
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    Question Ram timing and mixing

    I’ve been working a lot with this lately, but I still need some help. I bought 2 new ram sticks due to thinking I fried my old pair, apparently I burnt out my cpu.... not my stocks, that’s another story. Any way my motherboard can handle 4 Sticks and I’ve only been using 2. I’d like to just...
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    Question Help! Overclocking amd Fx6300/Ram Question

    I am experienced with overclocking but not an expert help me out to get the best balance between profomance and cool temps Graphics - Asus 1050 ti 4gb ddr5 Ram- ddr3 dual channel 4gb x2 dram freq of each module is 800 mhz but on my ram stick its written 1333mhz cpu- AMD FX-6300 Black Edition...