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  1. A

    Question 16GB RAM @ 3200Mhz or 32GB RAM @ 2933Mhz on Ryzen 7 4800H

    A new laptop that I've purchased is arriving tomorrow, it sports a Ryzen 7 4800H and 16GB (2x8GB) RAM @ 3200Mhz. In a different laptop that I was going to flip for cash after I've received the new laptop, I've got 32GB (2x16GB) RAM @ 2933Mhz paired with an i5-10300H (max 2933Mhz & 32GB RAM...
  2. TharunSonu

    Question Need information about upgrading Ram in my PC

    So, I have H110M-CS Motherboard, with intel i3 6098p processor and 8gb DDR4 2133 mhz and with windows 10 64 bit os. I am planning to upgrade the ram to 16gb by adding another 8gb ram to the motherboard. Does my motherboard support it, if it does, what speed of ram can I go for and is it worth to...
  3. Question 16gb ram installed but only 8gb used?

    Yeah so i've tried alot. ive installed 16gb but windows only uses 8gb, help would really be appreciated and if you want DM me on discord XXXXXXX thanks.
  4. Castiell

    Question Help me getting stable oc

    Hi i want too get my CPU 5ghz and my ram rated speeds thats 3600mhz im very new too overclocking havent touches the settings yet in bios . how do i overclock my CPU to be at 5ghz at all times and get my ram and its rated speed that is 4x8 3600 mhz. what do i change in bios? xmp profile...
  5. S

    Question Need help regarding RAM module update

    Hello friends My system spec is as follows: Motherboard: Model: Gigabyte AX370-Gaming K3 Socket: Socket AM4 (1331) North Bridge: AMD Ryzen SOC rev 00 South Bridge: AMD X370 rev 51 BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. F31 (05/06/2019) Memory: Total Size: 16384 MB Type: Dual Channel (128 bit)...
  6. Emma92

    Question Task manager % of RAM in use more than normal after reinstalling windows, PC runs out memory

    I have 16Gbs of ram (corsair dominator platinum rgb 2x8), before reinstalling windows I had no issues, but after reinstalling windows, Warzone started to crash with "paging file size error", so I manually set the size to 16gb-18gbs, but it keeps crashing..... Then I noticed that when playing...
  7. H

    Question 8GB 3000mhz enough?

    For a Ryzen 5 3600 paired with a GTX 1650 SUPER , is 8 gigs of 3000mhz ram enough? Does it do the job just fine or I need to upgrade it to 2x8GB or something?
  8. Question Need your opinion - Is my RAM working correctly ?

    Hello everyone, I just registered on this forum to ask a question to every of you as you seem expert in this field. I do multiple things on computer but knows nothing about RAM. Here is my benchmark: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/42960118 My laptop is a MSI GT73VR 6RF. -- You can...
  9. weeka

    Question MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max no display

    I got all my hardware setup (all brand new, and linked below) and everything powers on but it is not posting/displaying. My concern after troubleshooting is that the Ram is not compatible with this board/cpu. I tried using both sticks in both paired slots and also tried with just one stick still...
  10. A

    Question Will i be able to use nh-d15 with corsair rgb ram?

    Im have been thinking of buying a nh-d15 but i have not idea if it will fit with my ram Specs; Case: tg6 gpu: rtx 2060 Ram: corsair ddr4 rgb 3600 mhz Cpu: i7 9700kf mobo: msi z390 a pro
  11. F

    Question Mixing brands of RAM - way to test?

    I've been reading threads on the issues with mixing brands of RAM that otherwise have the same speed, form factor, etc. BUT, there doesn't seem to be any discussion of ways to test those combinations of RAM. I recently bought 8GB DDR3L SODIMM (Kingston KCP3L16SD8/8) .. and installed it next to...
  12. K

    Question PC in restart loop after CPU re-paste ?

    Hey guys! I changed paste on my i7 cpu, I didn’t take it out during the process. After I tryed to start PC it keeps restarting after 1-3sec. I read many topics about the same problem and I tested some things like taking out the small battery for 5min then put it back. Then I played with the...
  13. D

    Question R7 1700 / MSI x370 Gaming Plus / RipJawsV 3200 Overclock Help

    Hello Everyone, This is my first PC build 4 years ago and has been really smooth a few bsod over the years but it was a new platform. So just last week my windows system shut itself down and wouldnt post into bios even. My specs are a r7 1700 3.5 OC at 1.275 Volts, MSI x370 gaming plus bios...
  14. J

    Question Is RAM stress Test compulsory?

    Hey All, Today I installed a new kit in my system (ryzen 3600 paired up with B450 Tomahawk Max) after booting my system I got a message saying "New memory detected. Press F1 for setup or clear CMOS. I ran setup and enabled XMP and hit save settings reboot. After the reboot I checked my task...
  15. M

    Question How to diagnose problem?

    In the past month or so, my computer's been having problems playing certain games but not others. I can't determine why though. I'm an avid League of Legends player among many others and a good portion of my games have massive frame drops almost constantly and some run 100% fine. It doesn't seem...
  16. E

    Question PC Crashing Without BSOD or Error Codes.

    So my PC has been crashing at least once per day while playing various games (mostly Valorant and Civ 6), and some other multitasking processes. When the crash happens, my games/processes freeze, all audio is totally cut, and my second monitor turns off while my main monitor stays on the frozen...
  17. J

    Question New RAM showing Q-Code 41 on Asus Hero Mobo

    Purchased some Corsair Vengeance 16gb 3600MHz RGB DDR4 RAM to replace my single 4gb stick. Installed both new sticks into slots 2 and 4 and now the motherboard is showing q-code 41 and is stuck in a loop of turning itself off and on. I then tried to revert back to the old stick but that is...
  18. S

    Question Need help with RAM replacement

    Hi guys, Here is my current setup: (My PC ran about 5 year+) CPU: i5-4570 @ 3.2 GHz GPU: RTX 3060 Ti MB: XAsrock H87 Pro4 Windows: Window 10 - 64 bit RAM: Crucial Ballistix Elite 4GB x2 I just noticed that one of my RAM failed. The current system only running on singal 4GB RAM. I am thinking...
  19. G

    Question RAM not detected

    Hi, I am using ASUS A456U series with these specs: Model Name : A456U Processor : i7-7500U Kabylake 2.70Ghz RAM : 4GB (Soldered) + 4GB Samsung RAM DDR4-2133 My laptop won't detect the Samsung RAM. In the BIOS it only shows 4Gb of memory, in the task manager it also only shows 4Gb of memory...
  20. MatthewJamess

    [SOLVED] Is now a good time to upgrade my CPU?

    First, I live in Argentina, so US prices and stocks don’t really apply here. This is my current set up: an I5 4460, 16gb ddr3 RAM, and a 2060 GPU. For a while now, I’ve been thinking of upgrading to a 10th gen Intel CPU, as Ryzen prices and availability here are a joke. However, now 11th gen is...