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  1. Akarsh555

    Question Random FPS drops in nearly all games

    I am using a asus tuf 15 with a 1660ti and a ryzen9 cpu. Up until last week all i had experienced no problems, but recently out of nowhere i am getting random fps drops in nearly every games. The fps plunges from 60-70 to 20 for 5-6 secs every 2-3 mins. I have tried clean installing the nvidia...
  2. X

    [SOLVED] FPS drops on my new PC

    Specs: CPU: i5 9400F GPU: RTX 2060 XLR8 Gaming OC PNY 6GB Dual Fan RAM: 8GBx2 DDR4 CRUCIAL BALLISTIX SPORT 3000MHZ Motherboard: Asus H310M-E Motherboard Hard disks: 1TB HDD 7200RPM + SSD NVME M.2 256GB XPG SX8200 PRO Misc: Antec NX600 RGB + 4RGB FANS 120MMX4 Case Power supply: Antec NE550M...
  3. A

    Looking for some help on new pc build.

    So, I recently upgraded my PCs storage. I got an SSD and a bigger hdd, everything else is the same. I installed the new hardware, but my PC won't but up. It gives text saying no boot drive retart or insert a new boot drive and press any key, which leads to my second problem. The second problem...
  4. T


    Hi, My laptop ACER ASPIRE E 15 (E5-575G-54YE) is randomly shutting down, FREQUENTLY. I bought it last june 2017, and this problem started like around jan-march 2018. I remember updating windows 10 before the problem started. I already checked for viruses, the laptop is not hot either. The fan...