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    Question Computer has been rebooting randomly while playing games.

    Hi Everyone. Sorry in advance for the massive wall of text. Here are my computer specs to start: OS: Windows 10 Home 64-Bit CPU: Intel i5-9600K 3.70GHz GPU: Geforce RTX 2070-Super (MSI) Mobo: ASUS Prime B360M-A PSU: Corsair RM650x RAM: 16GB of Crucial Ballistix (Also another 16GB of the same...
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    Question Computer reboots without BSOD during gaming - please help!

    Computer restarts whenever I'm playing games. No BSOD. Just complete loss of power and then immediate reboot. On multiple occasions, drivers would be damage and files would become corrupted as a result. Any help will be greatly appreciated! mobo: Gigabyte z97x-gaming7 v1 cpu: i5 4690k (disabled...
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    Question PC keep random boot in Game

    Hello, Recently my gaming pc have this problem - it keeps randomly reboot when I run games for 5-15 minutes. I tried remove my rams, boot my pc, motherboard speaker long beep 3 times. I tried change my PSU and downgrade my GPU driver, same problem still occurs. Game Tested: Dota 2, CS:GO, PUBG...
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    [PSU] Need help ASAP!

    Was just gonna order my build online, until I saw this on the psu EVGA Supernova G2 750w+ Gold: 6-pin PCI Express 4 st, 6+2pin 4-pin 12V 2 st, 4+4pin then I realised my graphic card is looking for "One 6 Pin and one 8 Pin" (Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970) Then I looked at this...