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  1. S

    Question Desktop keeps randomly restarting

    Hello everyone, Since 3 months ago my desktop PC keeps randomly restarting at any given moment. --------------------------------- Observed Behavior: Unfortunately there is no pattern to the rebooting, it can happen in any state (idle, gaming, browsing the internet, ...) and at any time...
  2. SnappyCat7000

    Question 8 Year Old Power Spec PC Having problems with Sudden Shutdowns and Erratic Power on Issues

    I have been having trouble with an 8-year-old(?) Power Spec build. The computer has a Dual core 3.2 GHz Intel Pentium G3258, with a Quadro K2000 inside of it, and I use it for very light gaming, 3D modeling, and YouTube video watching. It also has a MSI z97 pc mate motherboard if that helps...
  3. E

    Question Shuts down unexpectedly

    Hey I have a problem where my computer will crash and then restart and I don't know what is causing it. I have checked for CPU overheating but the temps are always cool. I also checked reliability history and it tells me windows has shut down unexpectedly. This happens when I am playing games(...
  4. john1171

    [SOLVED] My desktop is shutting down randomly and only turns on after pressing ON button multiple times.What should I do?

    It is shutting down randomly after a blue screen showing Video TDR failure/ nvlddmkm.sys . And it is frustrating that it isn't turning on in one go. I have to try multiple times just to turn it on. The temperatures are fine and graphic drivers are latest. My system was working fine till 20th...
  5. A

    Question PC turns off randomly while gaming

    Just got this pc about 2-3 weeks ago and its been shutting off randomly in games with no bsod or warning. Just black screen like someone pulled the plug. My psu is a 700w thermaltake and I have a 5600x and a gigabyte 3070. Could it be my psu isnt a quality unit? My last pc had a corsair 750wx...
  6. E

    Cablemod Color help

    Does anyone know if the green sleeved cables match the geforce logo on the gtx 1080?
  7. P

    PC Shuts down for 2-3 seconds on restart before bios boot.

    So, I have a problem which i haven't noticed till now to be honest, once I restart my pc first it will shut down completely for 2-3 seconds and after that it will boot up, I have tried to check if my bios settings is the case by loading default one but nothing has changed. I have Gigabyte...
  8. A

    R9 270X vs R9 280

    First of all, what does the 'x' at the end of Radeon cards mean? I was going to buy a R9 280 (3gb ram) for $260. Then I looked at the older R9 270x (4gb ram) and it is faster and has more ram for the exact same price. what is better? what should I get? Edit: The 270x seems better than the 280x...