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  1. S

    Question Help! Need recommendation to buy a Good GPU

    I am willing to buy 3060/3060ti/3070/3070ti any one of these in December this year. My PC specs are listed below. My Budget: 1000$ If I buy any one of the GPU mentioned, will it bottleneck my pc or will it be alright with these? If not, can you please recommended a gpu that goes with my specs...
  2. SeparatiX

    [SOLVED] Best 350w PSU to buy under 60 usd ?

  3. J

    [SOLVED] Lightweight, $1000 Laptop Recommendation

    Hello, I am looking for a laptop for office/everyday use. No gaming, no crazy softwares or anything. I need to carry it around often, so lightweight would be great. I would need to use it on and off for 12 hours at a time, so a long battery life would be great too. Budget: around $1000...
  4. A

    [SOLVED] Upgrading HP PSU (possible adapter or return?)

    The PC: hp pavillion desktop 590-p0066 Purchased PSU: Thermaltake smart series 700w EDIT: Motherboard and PC specs (I barely know what I'm even looking at orz) I wrongly assumed that HP PCs would be set up like literally every other generic. They are not; their motherboards use proprietary...
  5. naman.narula1

    [SOLVED] This is my build. What would you recommend changing in this?

    Some of the things I'd like to ask/let you know:- My budget is around INR 65,000. I am preferring the B450 over B450M because I feel the smaller MB will make the case look emptier. I will be doing some light gaming, video editing and also be running VMs quite frequently. I really want some good...
  6. T

    Need a cheap laptop for gaming

    Hello people, I live in Australia so AU$ and I need a cheap laptop around $500 (Really low budget) that can run games quite well. Main games I play are CS:GO, Minecraft, Valorant, Asphalt 8 and occasionally I play hardcore stuff like Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege and GTA V. If anyone can find me...
  7. BobMcSmith

    Budget Laptop Request

    Hi! I'm looking for a laptop for around 400/450 dollars. I understand that there isn't a whole lot, so I am open to used or refurbished laptops. Thanks!
  8. Zencxal

    Question Is 450W Enough For This Setup?

    My current specs : i5-9400F XFX RX 560 2gb 2x16gb Corsiar Vengence DDR4 (Clocked At 3200mhz) 450w Evga Bronze PSU And A MSI H310M Pro-M2-Plus So I Was Thinking Of Upgrading To A 5500 XT, A Used GTX 1070, Or A GTX 1650 Super. Because 2gb of Vram wasnt gonna cut it! I dont know which one i can...
  9. C

    [SOLVED] To what Nvidia graphics card should I upgrade to ?

    Hello everybody,I am new here as you can probably already tell. I've been recently thinking of upgrading my graphics card,seeing as I'm not really that good with computer parts I've decided to come here to get some recommendations. I'm on the low budget side.My pc literally only cost me 200...
  10. F

    [SOLVED] PSU recommendation

    Hi Should I change my current psu and buy a better one? What psu should I buy? My specs: CPU: i7 6700k GPU: GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER WINDFORCE OC 3X 8GB GDDR6 Motherboard: Asus Z170-A RAM: 24GB DDR4 Storage: 2xSSD+2xHDD Current PSU: FSP Hyper M 500W Modular x1 optical drive x5 120mm Fans
  11. Cozzzaa

    Question Build Recommendations (Upgrading CPU, Mboard, RAM)

    Current build: Intel i5-4670K 12GB RAM DDR3 Nivida GeForce GTX 1070 Gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H-A Looking to upgrade my CPU as I can't overclock with this mboard. Unfortunately this means new mboard and RAM. I intended to upgrade my CPU later next year. Budget for this $1000 AUD, primarily use it...
  12. C

    Question Laptop recommendations needed (~1500$)

    I am thinking of buying a laptop for gaming/everyday use/school/university(in future). My budget is around 1500-1600$ and I'll be buying one around December so prices and budget can change. I want it to stay relevant for around 4-5 years at least (even if after 4 years new games won't run on...
  13. N

    Question HDD for Significant Torrenting

    Context The main drive I use for downloading to is beginning to experience errors, which I'm assuming is a harbinger of failure, so I'm looking for a replacement. Considering high-capacity drives can be expensive, I'm looking for a replacement that is going to be able to handle an intense...
  14. X

    [SOLVED] Recommend a PSU

    Hi. I need a PSU to complete the build I'm making, but really don't know how to pick one. All the guides I've seen are either too technical for me or are long outdated. When I started building I really didn't have much idea how important the PSU is for the computer. If anyone could help me out...
  15. Y

    Looking for help with a PC build.

    Hi all, i'm looking to build a PC to last me for a fair time (at least 2 years or so) I'm from Pakistan, so i'll have to go with a used PC (CPU, MOBO, HDD), will replace the PSU with a brand new one just to be safe. I'll have to buy the GPU separately and get it fitted to the build as well...
  16. W

    CPU Clock speeds jumping from 1k - 4k

    i recently just did my first build and i am using CAM to monitor everything. but my issue is that my clock speeds rapidly go anywhere from 1500 all the way up to 4200 and tend to mainly stay around 4000 clock speed. so my question is, is this normal and if not how can i fix it. System specs...
  17. F

    Which RAM works better with a Intel Core i7-8700K and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

    Hi all, i'm new in the community! I'm building a brand new top notch gaming and I really don't know what ram memory to pick up. There're too details that I don't know such as DDR4 - 2400 - 3000 ... what's the difference? Thank you in advance
  18. B

    Hopefully an easy answer to which resolution I should be using.

    Ok so I bought a pc a few months ago and never really messed with settings for the display, other than to hook up dual monitors. That being said last night while cleaning off my desk somehow the display port came out of the back of the pc. I pushed it back in and it seems to have reset...
  19. M

    Bluetooth transmitter Question

    Is it Possible to send bluetooth sound from the HDMI socket, or is this just a source in socket. Thank you. MALCOLM.
  20. L

    Dedicated streaming PC - Elgato lags

    Hey. Trying to stream to Twitch trough my "new" streaming pc with pretty bad specs, but either way. I'm using a Elgato HD60S to share the screen and when I'm streaming 720p/1080p 30fps it works like it should, I think. But whenever I try to use 720p 60fps, the elgato gets all wierd and like...
  21. L

    Looking for a graphics card

    hi guys i have a question i have this motherboard ECS H61H2-MV (V1.0) and i like to upgrade my graphics card and i dont know what graphics card is compatible with it i am looking for a 2gb graphics card this is my system specs Motherboard : ECS Model : H61H2-MV (V1.0) Ram : 2gb CPU : Intel...
  22. D

    How to factory reset through command prompt with non loadable Windows 10 laptop

    A few months ago I had a Windows 8.1 Acer laptop that said I should update to Windows 10. I'm a cautious guy and I always do updates regularly when they come out, so I did this Windows 10 upgrade. A few days passed with no issues, but then on the third day it gave me a blue screeb out of...
  23. T

    Does this justify a new laptop?

    The laptop in particular has a bad LCD cable, failing HDD, and failing GPU. Oh by the way, the entire display has to be replaced due to the way the manufacturer designed it..... With this being said, does it justify a new laptop?
  24. D

    Devices are no longer working with new motherboard (Mic and mouse)

    Hello everyone, so after weeks with computer troubles I'm finally coming to a forum for help. Alright so, just today I put a brand new fancy MSI motherboard into my tower, however a issue I'm having is when I plug in my mic which is a Blue Snowball the light goes on but utilities like Curse...
  25. I

    Is it possible to use a JBOD volume in a RAID?

    Is it possible to create a JBOD volume using several small HDDs I have laying around (It would be more difficult to organize 5 individual small volume HDDs), than use this single volume (JBOD) in a RAID setup with single HDDs (new 1TB WD RED) for redundancy. ex: (5x200gb(JBOD) + 1TB WD RED +...
  26. W

    Building Pc for the first time

    Hi everyone im building a PC for the first time specs are below. Intel i5 6600k Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO MSI Z170 Krait Gaming Motherboard Sapphire Nitro R9 380X 4GB GPU 8GB Corsair Vengeance 2400 DDR4 RAM 120GB Kingston SSD 500GB Seagate HDD XFX XTR 750W 80+ Gold PSU NZXT S340 Okay so my...
  27. M

    HDD constant activiry

    Guys pls i need help. I just got a new pc : I5 4460 8GB RAM DDR3 B85M-D3V-a And thosiba hdd 500 gb 7200 So when i first start pc without system there wasnt any noice. After i instal windows 7 64bit my hdd is always busy.It take realy long to open apps like google chrome.I can hear my HDD...
  28. D

    Whitch is SATA 3 port?

    So I got a new 3TB HDD and ran in little problem. I do not know whitch port is SATA 3 in my MSI Z68A-G43 (G3) motherboard. I already have a HDD connected into port 3 whitch is SATA 3, but I'm not so sure about port 4. Can anyone help?
  29. M

    Live Gamer Extreme Sound Problem

    I just got Live Gamer Extreme. I connected with HDMI. When i click the listen to this device, i get echo of sound. Its harsh. What should i do?
  30. S

    Certain files don't wanna copy over to USB-stick

    Hi everyone, I was transferring some files from my internal HDD to my USB 3.0 stick. Everything went as normal, until I tried to copy a certain (small) folder of videos. It was stuck on the "searching" and "calculating" part, and when I tried to abort, it didnt work. The strange this is: earlier...
  31. M

    how do i install windows 8.1 with a usb drive step by step

    well is time to upgrade my cpu which means upgrading my motherboard due to the socket which will probably mean i have to reinstall windows. any ideas how to install it with a usb drive and can you give me a step by step instruction how to. thanks :3
  32. M

    Need to get guest password for Cisco wireless

    Need to connect to internet through my wireless router. Linksys
  33. M

    Does it matter which way to face CPU cooler?

    I'll be using the stock cooler on my AMD X4 860k, is there a certain way the cooler faces?
  34. A

    Need a computer

    I need to build a computer that can play this game with no problem $400 is my budget.Or if there is a way to upgrade my current computer to play it. Game. Combat arms Computer. Hp Pavilion p6000
  35. S

    Samsung syncmaster SA350 Monitor will not connect

    I have a samsung sa350 syncmaster 24' monitor LED. Got it from the store used. All it does when I plug it into my windows vista is flash HDMI, then analog, then shut off by itself. Itll immediately trun off if I press the change button. I installed the driver and firmware...same issue. Maybe...
  36. Z

    Gaming computer build help

    I am trying to build a Gaming rig that does not necessarily have to be the most powerful thing capable of running games at 60fps on ultra settings but I would like to get the best for my money. My limit is 800$ but i would prefer to stay in the 600-700 category I am also leaning more towards a...
  37. P

    Drive Initialization issue

    Hello, I am working on a Gateway FX 6850. I am trying to install a 1tb HDD. I have the drive hooked up properly as it is recognized in the bios menu and the device manager menu. However, when I go to the Disk Management section of Windows, the HDD (Disk 1) is not showing up. How can I get...