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  1. K

    A10 5800k is flaming?

    I have been using my very first 5800k with integrated for a year. I have never checked any components cuz everything were working perfectly fine to me ,recently ,I just got 2nd-hand 7770,the new guy is working fine too, but then I started to realize about my old friend 5800k. so I checked...
  2. N

    where to but UK keyboards

    Hey :) is there anywhere i could buy a long wired keyboard? as im having problems trying to find a nice high response, UK layout wireless keyboard to game with as sitting in front of a 32" monitor is slowly hurting my eyes haha
  3. E

    Best RAM for Gaming rig

    Here is my build, as you can see it still lacks RAM. I'm looking for a good ram aroungd $80-$120, and also for aesthetics it would be better if the RAM is red. Thanks!
  4. L

    Program cataloging before SSD install?

    Hi All, I have gotten some excellent advice here about installing SSDs to go with OEM HDDs. One thing I haven'f found here or elsewhere in a quick search is how you decide which programs you need to reinstall. In the many cases I've found where someone is told to reinstall the applications...
  5. M

    Can't get an external fan controller to work

    PC specs i7 4790k h105 w/stock fans msi gaming 5 vengence pro 16gb 1866 msi 970 HAF-X w/ stock fans Fan total - 2x120 1x140 1x200 1x230 I don't really care to control the 200 and 230. I mainly want it for the others. So originally I bought a BitFenix Recon open box from Canada Computers. It...
  6. R

    Help - Watercooling Setup

    Hi All, I am planning to gift my husband a water cooling setup. I have tried my best to read up and internalise as much information as I could. However, this not really being my domain, I found a lot of the information overwhelming and at times difficult to understand. I have selected some of...
  7. R

    Brightness Key Locked

    Hi, I have Toshiba laptop and do NOT have Team Viewer installed on my laptop. But, for some reason, my brightness adjustment keys (F2 and F3) are "locked". (It's tooo bright for my liking now.) I tried every possible way on this article...
  8. P

    when i try connect 3rd monitor all monitors go black?

    hi guys i currently own i5 3570 ,7970,600 watt and 3 aoc 22 inch monitors.I had these 3 monitors working perfect over last few months but i had to use drive sweep and install new drivers cause of black screen start.I connected the other 2 monitors but black screens all around. unplugged the...
  9. F

    watch dogs play

    Hi is it in anyway possible that a i7 3770 with 16 g 1600 ram and a hd 7850 non oc can play whatch dogs maxed out with 50+ fps On a 1080 p screen
  10. Leonell12

    Steelseries Apex raw gaming keyboard vs. Sharkoon Skiller

    MASSIVE difference in pricing, the Sharkoon skiller seems to provide more features with 20 key roll over while the Apex only offers 6? ...i dont know what either of these keyboards feel like when typing or gaming so any help is appreciated guys :)
  11. C

    Do i need a second hdd for recording?

    i am planning to record bf4 with my new build i was thinking if i needed 2 hdd for recording on the second one? thanks
  12. P

    ASRock 970 extreme3 R2.0 vs ASRock 970 extreme4

    Should I get the Extreme3 R2.0 or the Extreme4 At first I wanted to get the R2.0 but then I googled a comparation search and found out that the Extreme4 has extra 8 core support, don't know if the R2.0 has extra support for an 8 core since it wasn't notified. It is supposed to be a temporare...
  13. J

    Help with a hd pvr 2

    I want to start streaming my pc gameplay but dont want my gaming pc doing to much work so i need some help on how to connect to pc to an hd pvr game on one of them and stream on the other tryed connecting it up just like what i do when using my ps3 but not getting no signal from the gaming pc...
  14. J

    Need to ground the metallic screw holes?

    I'm starting a mining rig, and I'm having issues which I've narrowed down to the motherboard. Do I need ground those holes?