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  1. cybert2

    Question CPU and DRAM indicator lights are on.

    Hello, my pc is on drugs or something. After I turned on the PC, the CPU and DRAM lights show up. I've tried to fix with every possible ways (reseating ram,cpu/ using other slots for ram / clear cmos) What should be the issue? My mobo? It was working yesterday. Specs: i3-10105F Corsair...
  2. G

    Question Motherboard has a Orange light and Red light after BSOD and wont BOOT.

    Hello, so recently while just regularly using my PC it made a buzzing sound and then BSOD, and I didn't have time to read the error code. After it BSOD it completely turned off, then I turned it back on and it put me in a Safe Mode screen because of System Instability. I then attempted to boot...