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  1. M

    Question Using my laptop as monitor for PS4 with a Razer Ripsaw

    Hi! First of all I'm aware of Remote Play, but since I have 1. gen of PS4 it only allows a max resolution of 720p. I'm trying to use my laptop as a monitor for my PS4, using a Razer Ripsaw. It is working, but there seem to be this hard latency kinda lag and it's quite unplayable. I've tried...
  2. GameCrazyMatt

    Question New RAM, pc won't boot

    Hello! Bought a Ryzen back in 2017, and I just picked up what I thought to be an identical 8GB RAM stick, though they are apparently different (newer version of GSkill Ripsaw, but same size/mhz). Here's the weird part - after installing the RAM, it booted up fine. Played games for hours, shut it...