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  1. Torta_Di_Pesce

    Question Should i buy a founder edition

    So rigth now a founder edition rtx2070super it's 550 euros does a aftermarket card really worth 40 more euros? (i'm refearing to the gigabyte one)I have a large case with plenty of space inside. Why are fe cards cheaper and do they break more often?
  2. DeathBreathUK

    Question PSU compatibility with potential new GPU

    Hello. A quick question to anyone techy. I had a pc built for me which i am happy with but wish i got a better GPU. Im saving for a RTX 2070 super but looking on the official site it says recommended PSU is 650. Mine is 600. Ive checked pc part picker and it says just 404w with my build but with...
  3. S

    Question PC Not performing as it should

    So I got my pc a little while back did some upgrades here and there but recently I noticed the FPS I'm getting went down significantly. I'm not sure why but I know that my pc should get much higher fps. It's a pretty high end system. I don't if it could be the ram or something else. I have a...