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  1. L

    [SOLVED] I bought a second hand rx580 that doesn't perform properly

    I didn't know the issue and try'd to oc it but while doing so I noticed that gpu2 and memory2 had 0% usage and stayed that way (gpu1 and mem1 were at 100%) could this be the cards problem and how can I fix it? My specs: ryzen 3 3200g 8gb Corsair ddr4 3000mhz msi a320m pro-m2 v2 500w psu rx 580 4gb
  2. B

    [SOLVED] Powercolor RX 580 Artifacting

    Hello, about a month ago I purchased a Powercolor Red Dragon RX 580 4GB. I've been using it at stock speeds in my PC, but about a day ago, I turned it on and the 580 started articacting badly on the desktop. Naturally, I DDU'd it and re-installed stable drivers to no avail. I decided to give the...
  3. S

    Question how long will I last with Rx 580 4gb and R3 2200G

    Hello I want to ask how long I will be able to play games on r3 2200G with rx 580 4gb or rx 570 8gb? Minimum for me is Low graphics 720p at 45+ fps.
  4. T

    Question PC Randomly crashes with no input or output at random moments while gaming

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1500X GPU: MSI Radeon RX 580 Gaming X 4G, 4GB RAM: CRUCIAL DIMM 8GB, DDR4-2133 PSU: SEASONIC G-550W MOTHERBOARD: ASUS Prime A320M-K Sometimes at random moments while gaming my pc will just repeat the last seconds of audio output, my screen will scramble and show white...
  5. IRmehdi

    Question can i use 430W psu for rx 580 4gb

    hello guys im going to upgrade my gpu from gt 730 to rx 580 4gb and my psu is green silver 430 W so if i dont overclock the gpu can i use my current psu for now? i allready bought cpu i5 7400 ،8 gb ram and h110 plus asus mother board so im empty after buying rx 580 for real so can i play for...
  6. Tony1337

    Question Asus Dual RX 580 4GB stuck at 1025 MHz

    I recently built a PC with the RX 580 and tried to test it out in Heaven and realized it was stuck at 1025 MHz. Trying to change the clock speed in Afterburner or Wattman did nothing after I hit apply.
  7. W

    Question Used GTX 970 or Sapphire RX 580 4GB as GTX 750 Ti upgrade?

    Hey, new to the forum. I've been planning on upgrading from my ageing GTX 750 Ti for a while now and finally decided now was the time. I'm a little strapped for cash so decided to limit my cost to £100 or less and had a look at some local second hand cards. Currently there's an ASUS GTX 970 for...
  8. A

    Question how can i fix my aliasing issue?

    My specs Rx 580 i5 7400 8 gb ddr4 ram 1440*900 display resolution In almost every game I play my Anti Aliasing doesn't do anything to get rid of the stair case effect. I've tried using a DDU and reinstall my drivers, I've tried super sampling, enhancing AA through AMD Control Panel but nothing...
  9. Vergil.Y

    Question How long would a used 1060 3gb last?

    Hello 4 Months ago i bought a ''NEW'' RX 580 4GB and it started giving me graphical errors a few days ago. luckily i took it back and i was offered another one or 60% of my money back. i don't trust that guy so i figured i take the money. anyway there is a used ASUS Dual Fan 1060 3gb from a...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] RX 580 or GTX 1070 for 450W PSU?

    Hi, I recently got a system without a gpu and am looking to upgrade it. I am deciding between an XFX RX 580 4GB and a Zotac GTX 1070. The cost is irrelevant. I just want to know which one will draw less power. Thanks. Specs- i7 4770K@stock Stock cooler ST45-SF-G (450W) 16gb 1600mhz 250gb ssd...
  11. M

    Question 450 watt psu for Rx 580?

    I have a dell optiplex desktop with a core i5 2400 CPU, 8 gigs of ddr3 ram, and a HDD 250 gb. I don't have a graphics card yet, and on craigslist I saw someone selling a Rx 580 4gb readeon gpu, for 80 dollars. Which seems like a good deal, but most say it requires a 500 watt psu. My psu isn’t...
  12. U

    Question Should i upgrade to rx 580

    So i currently have a Palit GTX 780 super jetsteam and it is clocked at 1267mhz core and 6600mhz memory and i have found a sapphire rx580 nitro+ 4gb for just £90 and i am wondering if it will be worth it to upgrade to it, I don't need as I can already run all the games I play on 1080p ultra...
  13. C

    [SOLVED] Sapphire Rx 580 4gb fans and led not working, but the display is working normally

    So I purchased this Gpu 7 months ago. No issues at all while using it, until the last weekend. I realized this while I was playing ac oddyssey, the temp were to high (78-80) and the frame rate started to drop at this point. So I checked the fans and they weren't working, either the led light on...
  14. S

    Question Graphical Artifacts across all games/Lack of VRAM Usage in all games

    So I've been having this issue that's shown in this video I'm linking here. I don't even know what to call this issue. I've read a bit about others having it, but no real solution. I decided to download CAM so that I could measure my PC Hardware while playing any games. I noticed that in every...