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  1. X

    Question High temps, low FPS and huge drops with RX 470 ?

    I've got myself a Sapphire RX 470 Platinum edition 4gb. It runs on very high temps even idle. Idle ranging from 45c to 50c and when in Fortnite for example it goes up to 76..is that normal and safe? I've cleaned the graphics card and repasted it. when i look at videos of the same specs as i...
  2. S

    Question 75 hz or 144 hz for a monitor

    Hi , I'm planning to upgrade my monitor . I'm split between getting a 75 hz or 144 hz one . I'm worried that my pc might not handle some games "I dont play any new games" at 144 hz and the image might be bad or something . Mostly I play dota 2 CPU - Ryzen 3 1200 OC to 4,00 ghz GPU - RX 470 4...
  3. n8than26

    [SOLVED] Is my GPU (RX 470 Mining Edition) capable of 144hz?

    Greetings! I have a newbie question.. So I have an old mining GPU that I use for at least 3 years for now.. It's a Powercolor RX 470 Red Dragon Mining Edition that only have 1 DVI-D Output, and I'm using an DVI-D to HDMI Adapter.. I've been using it for Editing videos and competitive gaming...
  4. Jackattack99

    Question Is my rx 580 fixable?

    Hi, Just got this gpu and something is wrong with it Works flawlessly in windows/chrome zero crashs or errors can whats movies or anything but when i open any game it lags very hard , i reduced the mem/core -150 and games run 100x better but still laggy did furmark stress test and no...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] PC doesn't see second monitor after turning on ?

    I had 1 monitor for a while with HDMI -> HDMI adapter. I bought a second monitor few days ago, connected it with DP -> HDMI adapter (because I only have 1 HDMI port), everything was fine, it got connected and working. I turned off the PC, and then turn it on and only new monitor works, my old...
  6. ProDiff

    [SOLVED] RX 470 8GB - Code 43 and no output

    Hey! I bought a used XFX RX 470 8GB, worked great at the owner's but I cant make it work... It gives no screen, or the two times it did it was just a mess of colourful lines like this: View: https://imgur.com/a/GFW78mY The GPU is detected in Win 10, but gives Code 43 (No driver installed -...
  7. aleksandarr

    [SOLVED] PSU - Graphic card cable

    I got rx 470 and I need to connect it to motherboard, however seems that my PSU doesn't have a cable for it ( it requires 8 pins ) but all I got is Spec of cables of PSU : ATX 24pin 24(20+4)pin ATX 4pin (PIV) 1 SATA 2 Molex 4pin 1 Is there any way I can get it to work or I need to buy...
  8. PCBrokeasl

    Question GPU might be broken after driver install

    Okay. So this all started when I downloaded call of duty cold war and it said I needed a driver update for my GPU. I did some quick research went on the radeon website, as I have an RTX 470, and found the supposedly correct driver update. Upon installing the new driver I noticed the task bar...
  9. 1

    [SOLVED] 144hz on a Mining rx 470 Powercolor gpu?

    Ok I have a Mining rx 470 Powercolor gpu, and a passive dvi to hdmi adapter that I tested with my back up gpu (gtx 1050) and it got 144hz on my 165hz monitor, so i know the adapter works. But in the display settings on the rx 470 it only shows 60hz, the main reason i bought the adapter is so my...
  10. M

    Question My GPU fans aren't spinning, even on full load 80+ Celsius. What should I do?

    Like the title said. I've been playing for a couple hours on this new built PC. At first, the fans spin perfectly fine. Suddenly screen no display and the fans stop. I rebooted the PC and it seems that the fans won't ever spin. My GPU is RX470 with Cooler Master MWE400 power supply.
  11. DarkDimensionZ

    Question PCIe x16 GPU not detected (no signal) but has signal on onboard

    soooo my pc is transported from a long way and when I on it the video card is not being detected but it has mouse and keyboard light so I think this will work on onboard.. yes it works but the gpu is still plugged in and the fans are not spinning i suggest its from the zero rpm from the radeon...
  12. suavsneaky

    Question PC Freezing with artifacts - Please Help

    Hi guys, short story, i bought a second hand gpu (8192MB ATI Radeon RX 470 Graphics (XFX Pine Group) 2 weeks ago and i started having this problem where my screen would freeze in games or when i alt tab, the weird thing its that when i do benchmark test (Valley) doesn t crash, it working, but as...
  13. D

    [SOLVED] 400W PSU for Rx460 or Gt1030?

    Hello there. First I cant buy a new PSU or a brand new PC I only need GPU! specs i3-4170 3.7GHz 6GB RAM Intel hd 4400 ms platinum 400W atx PSU I know this PSU is crap but cant buy another one can It handle rx460 or gt1030 somehow?
  14. D

    Question Problems with hdmi audio output ati radeon rx470 asrock mother

    Hi there, I bought a new computer a long time ago with a motherboard A320M-DVS R4.0, a ryzen 3200 and a video card rx470, everything works great, except that I can't get the sound to come out through the outputs HDMI to Tv display, I have tried everything, the board was already installed on my...
  15. T

    Question DVI/DISPLAY PORT @144HZ

    Hey guys, I would like your help regardin the following issue: I have an AMD RADEON RX470 with only 1 DVI Port. So, I bought a new monitor a few weeks ago (AOC C24G1) and it doesn't have any DVI port on it (only HDMI and Displayport). Therefore I cant reach 144 Hz because I'm already using an...
  16. Syzhar

    Question PCIE Didnt detected GPU but its powering it up

    I just bought Sapphire RX470 4GB OC when i connect it for the first time it works but the fan spinning so fast, im afraid to continue to use it and try to replace the thermal paste that turned out to be dry af. after i change the thermal, i connect it again and its powering up, the fan spin and...
  17. O

    [SOLVED] Temperature of GPU with automatic fan speed

    I have a Gigabyte RX 470 4GB and I have installed the "XTREME Gaming Engine" installed. The fan control is set on Auto. During idle, the fan does not spin as it doesn't need to. Under heavy load, the temps go to 87-89C and the fan spins at around 2000RPM. These temps seemed high so I tried to...
  18. P

    [SOLVED] rx570 4gb vs gtx 1060 3gb

    Which used graphics card is the better deal? I can get a gtx 1060 3gb for $90 Canadian. Its got a blower style cooler. or RX570 for $90 CAD. I might be able to get the RX570 for $80. The computer will have 8gb of ram
  19. Calab

    Question Invalid boot device after swapping video card - m.2

    I have a Gigabyte H170-D3HP mainboard, latest BIOS, with an i5 6600 CPU. My boot drive is an m.2 ADATA SX8200NP. I have been running this system with an EVGA GTX 1050ti video card for a while without any issues. Power supply is a 500watt OCZ. Today, I swapped out the 1050ti for an MSI RX 470...
  20. supermanu15

    [SOLVED] Flashing an XFX RX 470 to an XFX RX 570?

    I have yet to see what BIOS my RX 470 has because it might be one of these: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/187196/xfx-rx470-4096-160913 https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/185588/xfx-rx470-4096-160730 And planning to flash it to this...
  21. C

    [SOLVED] GPU, MOBO, or PSU issues?

    Asus Z87-A Mobo i7 - 4770k Seasonic 850FW GPU (Corsair 650TX is the older spare PSU) EVGA 1070 SC G.Skill TridentX 16GB DDR3 PC shutoff randomly while running. Tried turning it back on but absolutely nothing would happen. I could see the ethernet port lights on and a single green LED on, on the...
  22. V

    [SOLVED] Motherboard does not reach IO Shield

    I’m building my first PC and there’s an issue with the motherboard and IO shield. It seems like no one else has had this problem that I’ve seen on forums... my motherboard won’t reach the IO shield. It’s over where the standoffs are, and there’s no way I could adjust the standoffs to be...
  23. B

    Fiber on phoneline

    I got my my local isp to install a fiber connection in my house. They installed it with a prolink prs1841 modem. Thing is it does not have a sc-cs connection - does that necessarily not make it fiber? I called them and they told me that it is a fiber box in the basement of the building and...
  24. P

    Help with case

    I'm getting very indecisive on a pc case for my new build. I have Maximus hero x 8700k Waiting for 2080ti Not sure what psu to get Ddr4 32mb 3000 ram I'm looking for a case that will cover the psu and its wires. Hdd and ssd on the back. $175 tops. Lower the price the better.
  25. bremkins

    GPU to pair with i7 8700K

    Hello guys, I just sold my 1080 GTX because I play CS:GO 99,99% of time and I really don't need that high performance card. I was wondering what would be a good option for CS:GO. I was thinking about 1050, but some people didn't recommend it at all... what are your suggestions? I play 1080p @...
  26. K

    Best way to upgrade my current PC?

    SPECS: ASRock Z87M Extreme4 Intel Core i5-4670K 3.40GHz 16GB Ram GTX 760 Would replacing my 760 with 1080 ti be a good decision, or would the processor be too much of a bottleneck? If so, what is the best path of upgrade to make it handle modern games on ultra settings in UHD? Do I need to...
  27. D

    Any feedback on CyberpowerPC Tracer II T15300?

    Hey, all! Trying to get my girlfriend a new computer to replace her dying machine, and we stumbled upon the CyberpowerPC Tracer Ii TI5300. It seems to be a really great deal on a 7th-Gen i7-7770 and GTX-1050TI with a nice RGB mechanical keyboard and extensive I/O. I'm just not sure about...
  28. N

    Confirmation on dead CPU?

    Apologies in advance if this is not the right thread to ask or someone already gone through this or I just literally answered my own question. TL;DR question at bottom. My build is: Asus Z270H motherboard i7 7700K GTX 1080 Strix 8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2666 C16 2x8GB EVGA 550 Gold (am...
  29. G

    Ryzen 5 2400 or 1600 for video editing

    I have been recommended this config for Video Editing purpose but I am confused between 1600 and 2400g as which would be better for editing and rendering.... no gaming will be done by it. AMD Ryzen 5 2400G - Asus Prime B350-Plus Crucial Ballistix 8GB DDR4 3000MHz Asus Phoenix GTX 1050 Ti 4GB...
  30. Edgerunner

    Is a GTX 690 Still relevant in today's games???

    Been looking for a solid Used GPU and the GTX 970s are a bit over my $200 budget, However I have come across the GTX 690 and the average price seems to be about $175. Will this card last me two years and still manage to keep up with AAA games @1080?
  31. D

    How tight should the heatsink be screwed in?

    Hello, and sorry for the following. This might be the wrong question to ask, but i have got a laptop at home, a Fujitsu lifebook a530. It is really old, and overheating extremely. I cleaned the insides and replaced the thermal paste as neatly as possible. There were improvements, but still...
  32. F

    Windows stuck on loading screen

    Hi i cant install windows or any other os on my pc my computer has took ages to load and sometimes it shuts of I have been trying to install winows 7 and ubuntu from a sun drive but no luck i it either loads forever saying setup starting or it says missing is what can I do it just wont work at...
  33. M

    Is there any way to make BIOS accept an incompatible CPU?

    I have a Dell Dimension XPS Gen 4 with 4GB RAM and the original Pentium 4 CPU. Of course this isn't a daily use computer, but I could get a lot more out of it if I got rid of the horrible CPU and put in a Core 2 Quad or Extreme, for example. Today they go for like 10 bucks. Since the...
  34. R

    accidentaly deleted hardrive during partion

    i was actually trying to install windows 8.1 on my windows 7 laptop acer travelmate thinkpad so i had created a usb flash drive and ran the installation and then i need to do the partition but i accidentaly had deleted every harddrive which i found and tried to format everything and tried to...
  35. E

    i5 8400+GTX 780 Ti Bottleneck?

    I'll be getting the new i5 8400 pretty soon and I'd like to know if I will still be able to use my GTX 780 Ti (Asus DCII OC) since it is equally as good as a 1060 it wouldn't be quite worth the upgrade just yet.
  36. J

    HD 4870 +WIN 10 driver issue

    Hi i have an hd4870 and tring to install the driver on win 10 but it fails every time, i have read the log, everything was OK expect the Video driver, >>> catalyst wont start, cant chage the resolution,