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  1. Cignus

    Question Software/Keyboard Problem

    Hello all, I am currently experiencing a keyboard/ software issue. I have a Logitech G910. My computer is often inputting random letters and typing random stuff. At first I thought it was a virus so I ran my norton antivirus but came up with nothing. I tried deleting old drivers of the...
  2. bobjackieson

    [SOLVED] Is my motherboard safe?

    No, it's not being held for ransom. Firstly I'm a pc building noob! Secondly I was checking my new mobo out to see it because I'm a moron as reasoned earlier. I'm waiting on parts because I can use it and I wanted to make sure everything with the thing looked fine because my posty isnt a ship...
  3. bobjackieson

    [SOLVED] Should I bank on a 580?

    Looking at a xfx 570 4gb. The 8gb is 20 more for little benefit and the 580 is at minimum 30-40. That's for asus and xfx versions. Want to avoid used since this is my first true build. I mostly play technic mod packs, civ 6, euro truck and looking to play mount and blade II. Also I could always...
  4. L

    Corsair Vengeance 2400MHZ Running at 2133Mhz?

    System setup CPU: I7 7700K MOBO: ASUS B250H RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB x 2 (32GB Total) : Corsair CMK32GX4M2A2400C14 PSU: Corsair 750W CX750M SSD: SAMSUNG EVO 860 250GB HDD: Miscellanous Bios Ver: 1205 From what I understand is to enable 2400Mhz to work, either enable XMP or manually do...
  5. E

    Tightest budget questions, GA-H61M-S2PT with GTX 950?

    So i live in saudi arabia and we basically have a whole ton of lack in those items, since i'm really on a tight budget im considering buying GA-H61M-S2PT, GTX 950, 500W Gigabyte, hyperx fury 4gb ram keep in mind thats an upgrade what i have already i3 2100 4gb ddr3 kingston WD 500GB Green...
  6. T

    Newbie Looking For An Education In PC

    Im really new to pcs so can someone explain what each peice of a pc does and what to look for when buying parts? I want to build a gaming computer some day so could the information be cenetered around building that.
  7. T

    Asus H97 Pro Gamer. VGA, CPU and DRAM LED Lighting up but NO DISPLAY

    My Computer Specifications: CPU: Intel i7 4790 Motherboard: Asus H97 Pro Gamer Ram: Corsair Vengeance 8GB (Single Stick) 1600 MHz PSU: Corsair GS 600 GPU: Nvidia Quadro 4000 CPU Cooler: Hyper 103 Storage: Segate 2TB HDD Case: Cooler Master Elite 370 (I Build this PC for 3D animation, 3D...