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  1. H

    Question Find a file location in hdd sectors ( ZBR )

    hello everybody, I have 4 question related to HDD and zone bit recording ( ZBR ). 1- I am looking for a utility which show us a file on which sectors has been recorded graphically ( on physical layout of sectors like a photo I have attached) . 2- Also I need this for optical disks too ( I know...
  2. Mystik141

    [SOLVED] How many uncorrectable sectors is bad?

    I ran crystal disk and got 688 pending and uncorrectable sector count. Is this bad?
  3. mmzf

    [SOLVED] Hibernate caused error "Current pending sector count : 1" ?

    My laptop is Dell precision m6400 which has 2 hard disks. It has hdd on base near battery so just need to remove a cover and i can access hdd. so i have 2 hdd, 1 of windows 10, and other of linux, i use both of them in same place i mean on same slot, i remove windows and put linux, remove...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] CrystalDiskInfo - Why one drive is Caution while another shows Good with similar results?

    I recently felt my computer was running slow when accessing data on the hard drives and the data on the hard drives was getting slower to populate so I decided to run some health checks and ran CrystalDiskInfo to check my hard drives out. My primary data drive and secondary backup drive are...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] Seagate Barracuda reading sector problem

    So suddenly I got this problem and I've been using this hard drive for about 1 year. Previously, about 3 weeks ago I did a surface test on a sentinel hard disk and there was no weak sector at all, but today I know this problem because when i do reading data, I hear strange sounds like beeping...
  6. P

    Question When cloning from a HDD to SSD sector sizes differences help?

    Got a new SSD Samsung V-NAND 860 PRO 1TB when formatted and unformatted is incompatable due to the sector size, this has been on multiple different services e.g. Macrium Reflect and MiniTool. I really don't want to pay for other services. Anyone know how to fix this just ask for more specific...
  7. E

    Sli of different cards

    Can I sli my Asus 970 with an MSI 970?