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  1. A

    Question Origin - Mac issues

    Not sure if this is the right place - it's gaming but mac! Sorry if not. My OH plays stuff like Sims, SimCity via origin on her macbook air. Periodically, the game just refuses to load. We hit play, the origin software minimizes, then a few seconds later it pops back up as if nothing happened...
  2. ChevChelios

    Video Ram (VRAM)

    Hello guys im having a problem ok when im going to BIOS to change my VRAM to 1024MB everything is ok im changing the VRAM to the MB that i want im pressing F10 to save-exit but my pc doesnt open it just stays on the loading screen if u know a solution for this just let me know or if i can change...
  3. InfernoxCJC

    Please Rate My Build! (Have I Done Anything Stupid?)

    Hello again Toms! Hopefully you can help me out as you always do! ;-) Anyway, this is my first pass at an upcoming build, I am at University now so have had to leave my current PC (i5-2500K and GTX 770) at home as it was technically the family computer :-( The system will be mainly used for...
  4. S

    Could this power supply handle my build?

    This is my first build and im unsure of how good a power supply I need. I may swap out the video card for a Asus Radeon R9 280 3GB DirectCU II Video Card as well as changing to windows 8.1 is this power supply reliable, is 500W enough for a gaming pc?
  5. T

    overclocking the fx-8320

    hey just a quick question, will i be ok to overclock the fx-8320 to 4ghz using a cooler mater hyper tx3 cooler? Thanks
  6. A

    Asus vi hero vs g1 sniper z87 killer?

    Asus vi hero vs g1 sniper z87 killer? What do you suggest?
  7. ludus

    AMD A10-6800k vs. AMD FX-6350 vs. AMD A8-6600k

    I am going to be building my very first budget gaming pc (pcpartpicker) and I am trying to get a combo for the cpu and mobo and I was wondering which of the three CPU/mobo combos was the best, and for the best price. (microcenter) I would like to not go over $140, and preferably, would like to...
  8. Z

    Need help! :)

    Hey!, so here next year my budget is probably gonna rase to around 1800 - 2000 $ and i want a pc that can edit (sony vegas and after effects cs6 really fast rendering and stuff too. And gaming. A Battlefield 4 ready pc. I cant build the pc myself.. only on websites then :), and a pc that can...
  9. D

    Network setup at home

    I have a Asus RT-AC66U router which I personally bought, and a dlink DIR865L given by my ISP which I renewed my contract. I also have a dlink VoIP router given by ISP long time ago and a modem. How should I properly wire up the whole network? My plan ( not sure will work): Modem->Dlink...
  10. S

    how do i recover data first, laptop says windows is missing or corrupt at startup. I know how to reset but loose data.

    My acer aspire one ZG5 was working fine for years. I uploaded all pics off my memory card from Xmas Eve & Day because my memory card was full. Next day, I turn it on, and it says windows is missing or corrupt and will not start up. I know how to do the factory reset, but I need to get my pics...
  11. N

    What should I upgrade?

    I have about 350 dollars I am willing to spend on some pc upgrades. I primarily use it for gaming. My current specs are: Intel Core i3-2120 @ 3.30 GHz Dual Core Gateway DX4870 Motherboard 6 GB DDR3 RAM NVIDIA Geforce GTX 550 Ti PSU 300w If I want the best possible settings on current games...
  12. G

    which gpu is best for there prices !!??

    which gpu is best for there prices...