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    Question Is my SSD dying?

    So recently, my PC needs 2-3 minutes to boot up, so I checked my SSD health status by using CrystalDiskInfo. What I found there was pretty interesting, as you can see down below. My PC is becomes REALLY slow when I play some powerful game (like GTA V, Apex Legends, R6 Siege, etc) and even when...
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    Question Low nvme m.2 speed (Seagate Firecuda 520)

    Hello. My seagate firecuda 520 (500gb) has advertised speeds of 5000mb seq read and 2500mb seq write, I was achieving this until recently and now I get 2500mb read and 500mb write. Updated to windows 2004 and then got 2500mb on both but back down to 500mb write again. I have 300gb free on...