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    Question I can not disable the SMT anymore

    I am using the Ryzen 7 2700x CPU on MoBo Asrock B450M-HDV on O.S. Windows 10 Pro X64. After the last update of Bios, version 3.10, I disable the SMT for it, but they are still active. I try to disable the SMT by Bios and also by the AMD Ryzen Master App, but it is still active. I removed and...
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    Question SMT For Ryzen 3 1200

    Hi All, Just a quick questions, I have Ryzen 3 1200 + Asrock AB350m HDV from what i understand Ryzen 3 1200 doesn't support Simultaneous Multi Threading (SMT), however the SMT is enabled in my BIOS by default, should i disabled it? I've been experiencing above-average idle temp (above 40 C...
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    Question Ryzen master smt locked on

    Ryzen master wont allow me to toggle the SMT to disabled. In my bios I have it turned off, and atm its off on the initial ryzen master page but any overclcocking i do will have it enabled because the toggle is unresponsive gonna do mobo oc but like using software to find stability bc its much...