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  1. R

    Fuse size from battery to inverter

    I'm putting together my first small solar system. I have a 50Ah lifepo4 battery paired with a Renogy 700w pure-sine inverter. What size fuse/breaker should I use? Cable size from battery to inverter is 6awg.
  2. KaiserPhantasma

    Question Suggestions for a trail/farm CCTV?

    Looking for suggestions for a trail/farm CCTV, wishlist is: -solar powered -4G connected -decent resolution (at least 720p) -night capable hopefully someone can list a few or just outright point me to the right direction/website where I can see for myself
  3. O

    [SOLVED] off grid mining?

    i'm not sure where to post this ... i wanted to set up a couple of mining rigs to mine off the grid using a home solar system with a battery bank to power them with .... is this a pipe dream or can it be done? any info/advice greatly appreciated.
  4. ceriumin

    Question LED'S Pretty Dim

    Recently my parents came back with some solar Leds and it has a nice rainbow wave effect, exactly what i wanted. However the Leds are dim and need a minature solar panel connected using a strange 2pin connection. Is there any way to either cut the cable and join it to a 3pin and receive more...
  5. A

    Samsung 2.5" Disk Test Not reflecting very poor PC performance

    Hi guys, I have an HP Pavillion DV6 Laptop. A couple of years ago the screen went black and i thought that perhaps screen or video card had failed, so put laptop into box and left it there for almost 2 years. A few weeks ago i got inspired whilst fixing another device (new screen install on a...
  6. E

    What game is this

    So i have seen this picture on a website and i cant figure out what this game is, if you could help me it would be appreciated Thanks http://