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Sound Problems

Forum discussion tagged with Sound Problems.
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    Question Terrible sound quality for the rog strix b450-f gaming

    I got this board the other day and I've been having sound problems at first thought it was my PC case so i made sure if my audio cable was plugged in it was. so I plug my headphones into the back panel and i ran into the same problem so i tried downloading an early driver the problem still...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Multiple Issues: Experiencing sound anomaly and random frame drops.

    Hello. My computer specs are as follows: [CPU] Ryzen 5 2600x [GPU] AMD Vega 56 [MB] MSI B450 Gaming Plus [OS] Windows 10 {RAM] 16gb DDR4 [RAM Timing] 16-18-18-36 @2666MHZ So I have had a number of blue screens occur recently and I'm increasingly experiencing frame skips/ performance issues (the...
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    [SOLVED] How to fix the Sound on my Win 10 System?

    After the new windows 10 update my sound stopped working. At first there was a problem with my drivers which I fixed. Now the drivers seem to be working but I still don't have any sound. I can't play a test sound and it says everything is working, but it doesn't. If I run Media Player Classic...
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    [SOLVED] Adding Second phone line for DSL

    Hello, I live in an area where the best I can get is 4mb DSL. At best I see 3.1-3.2 MBs. I called my provider (Windstream) and asked if I could pay double and get another line. They answered yes. My question is if I hook another modem to the other phone line, then to another PC in the...
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    Access my webcamera which is connected to my router

    Hello everybody! My router has a usb port and I've connected my usb webcam in that port. I was wondering if there is a way to access my webcam through my router so I can view the video streaming from the webcam. Thanks in advance!!!