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  1. blue_rays

    [SOLVED] Is my Crucial MX500 ok? (Details + Temperature screenshot included)

    Is my Crucial MX500 SSD ok? I've highlighted some values on crystal disk info and crucial disk exclusive. The drive is brand new but I don't know if these values are problematic or not. View: View: *My main concern is the...
  2. renge

    Question Health SSD 77%

    Hello i have SSD 8200 Pro 256GB i have using it for two years now is it safe to have 77% health ssd ? how long i can keep using it ? View: ( this is ss from hd sentinel) thanks
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Samsung 980 Pro - Drive Health and TBW info. "N/A" - Samsung Magician

    Just installed a Samsung 980 Pro drive and installed the latest version of Samsung Magician (software and firmware are up to date). However, the drive health part of the tool doesn't specify the drive condition or TBW, its just blank and comes up with "N/A". It does recognize my drive correctly...
  4. Question SSD Wear Indicator dropped to 0 after few days of usage

    Hi, I have Kingston A400 240 GB for few days and SSD Wear Indicator already dropped to 0. I was using same disk type before and same problem occurred, except it was falling to zero about a month. Is it a problem? I send the first disk for warranty repair, but I don't have an answer yet. I'm...