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    Question None items are showing up in Startup when opening Task Manager

    I noticed that any items show up in startup when I open the task manager. Some programs auto-start but i cant disble them and some programs i want to auto-start don't show up so I can't turn them on. My computer has nearly 1 year and works just fine. Any help is good.
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    Question Disabling startup apps on windows 10

    I have latest version of windows 10. Haven't had any contact with win10 before can't figure out how to disable apps from launching on startup. I have already tried: 1)from task manager startup tab(but it doesn't show any apps i want to disable) 2)msconfig(system configurations) same as task...
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    PCSX2 Config and settings?

    I imagine this is a pretty popular question but I am having the worst time with this configuration. I had it working about 7 months ago and then Windows 10 updated and it for some reason erased my settings. Now I am struggling to make this thing function properly. Any help? I was easily running...