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  1. D

    Question M.2 NVMe SSD not showing up in Windows ?

    I just bought my first NVMe Drive and installed it, its showing up in the BIOS and in other software like Crystaldiskinfo but it never shows up in Disk manager or Diskpart for unknown reason ? I would appreciate any help with finding the solution to this problem.
  2. kurosuma

    Question i can't use my new m.2 in my motherboard.

    ok let's explain about this problem, I recently bought a crucial p3 m.2, but when I put it on my motherboard aorus x470 gaming 5 amd, I get stuck on the bios the led error code marked VGA, I thought the problem was the new m.2 because I have another m.2 but I ask a friend to try the new one...
  3. N

    Question Best ssd from this list for my old laptop

    Help me choose the best ssd for my 10 years old laptop from this list please PATRIOT SSD BURST 480GO Adata SU750 512 Go Crutial BX500 480 Go TEAM GROUP EX2 Elite 512Go TEAM GROUP GX1 480Go SILICON POWER A55 512Go HIKVISION E100 512Go HIKVISION C100 Minder 480Go PNY CS900 480Go LEXAR LNS100...
  4. A

    Question Do 2TB NVMe drives normally show as two drives ?

    In win 11, the drive manager thought a 2 tb was a 1 tb. So I went into the bios and verified the drive ID as 2 tb. I changed a crucial 1 tb with a crucial 2 tb and I think windows still thought the 1 tb was still there before I went in the bios. However after exiting the bios the drive manage...
  5. Y

    [SOLVED] Is my HDD in need of replacement?

    Hi, I've had a couple of problems with my internal hard drive, and I would appreciate a knowledgeable opinion on my drive's health. I have a ~200MB internal HDD with my windows installation and my programs (drive letter is C), and another internal HDD that's 2TB, and it has all of my work on it...
  6. SheeshReese

    [SOLVED] Spatium M480 1TB and WD-2TB

    So I recently bought an SSD and a hard drive for my gaming PC. 1.I plug my hard drive into PC and go to look for on under drives but PC doesn’t even recognize that it’s in I’ve rescanned for devices and also unplugged and replugged for different cables that fit, PC doesn’t recognize it. 2...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Simultaneous installation SSD and HDD on my laptop?

    I own a HP Laptop 15-bw0xx. Currently it has a 1 TB HDD; I want to install a small volume SSD on my laptop while keeping the HDD in the laptop. Is this possible with this laptop? I have already tried to look through the official HP website, but the details are a bit ambiguous regarding the set...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] 2nd SSD not showing in Lenovo Legion 5 Pro

    Hi All, I have a Crucial MX500 M2. SATA SSD(2280) in my Acer Predator Helios 300, but when I try to plug it to my new Legion 5 Pro, it doesn't show up anywhere ( BIOS only shows NVME SSD that is Disk 0) . I checked it by plugging it back into Acer and the laptop was booting fine from the ssd...
  9. Zonama

    [SOLVED] Windows doesn't load up properly after building in a new SSD.

    Hello there, i bought a Samsung SSD and successfully installed it three Days ago. Everything went smooth, but my PC ran into a bluescreen like two or three times during this time. Today my PC froze up instead of bluescreenin' and i had to shut it off. Afterwards i was able to log into my...