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    [SOLVED] Best Headset/Headphones to buy right now for pc gaming and music production!!??

    So I have recently been shopping for a new headset and really can not make a decision. I want the best possible headset but not something ridiculously overpriced, What would give me the best quality for gaming but also good clean audio and deep bass for music production? I would like wireless...
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    Question Two usb-headsets at the same time?

    I have two Logitech G633 headsets which I connect with USB to the pc. I wounder if it is possible to use both of them at the same time via usb so I also get 7.1 surround sound in both of them when me and my wife play games?
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    [SOLVED] What is Xear Surround Max?

    I've been going through my headphone program and found an option to turn on Xear Surround Max, when I tried to turn it on I did notice the difference, but don't know if it does anything special. Is this feature worth it turning on, or should just stay with the normal 7.1 Surround?
  4. [SOLVED] 5.1 Surround not working

    Hi, This is driving me mad and I can't seem to resolve this on my own despite reading and trying multiple solutions... I have a Logitech Z506 5.1 surround sound speaker system hooked up to my computer (mobo). The cables are correctly plugged in, I know they are because Win10 sound management...
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    Question what should I use for audio output?

    I have a behringer UM2 ( for mic input and recently found the headphone output to be very good. I also have a senheisser gsx 1000 and was using that for over a year before trying the other amp. my question is should i use the GSX...
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    Question Dolby Atmos + Wireless Headphone not workin

    Hi, So i recently purchased the Corsair H70 SE and tried to use Dolby Atmos, all options are greyed out, not even windows sonic works, can anyone help me get this sorted or is wireless not at all supported with these apps? thanks in advance
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    Correct gaming and heavy software usable pc configuration suitable with budget

    What will be the best configuration that will last 4-5 years in future? 1. Intel core i3 4130 with R9 280x or 2. Intel core i5 4590 with R9 270x. I know with bit more money i may take 4590 with 280x. Actually no 1 & no 2, this is far I can go with my budget. Can I play games like watch dogs...
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    Can I legally buy and use a Windows 7 OEM for myself?

    In the future I intend to build a new computer, however I've been currently having a lot of issues with my current computer which runs Windows 8 Pro 32-bit. And quite frankly I am currently in the state of 'fuck dat' cause of the issues I'm having. Since Microsoft in their infinite non-existent...
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    GTX 770 not performing very well.

    Alright, here is the skinny, I just built my brother a computer. Here are the parts, via newegg wishlist: Now, here is the problem. It isn't running games very well. He only has Battlefield 4 installed, and I know...