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    [SOLVED] What is the right way to swap failed drive on Server Computer

    hello there, I have a RAID 1 System implement in my server, just a simple RAID with two 300 GB Hard Drive. recently one of the drives has gone bad and I want to change it with a new one, I have to take a look at many tutorial and website and get confused because some of them said i need to shut...
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    OC fx 8120 help

    I'm trying to get 4ghz OC but I'm only getting 3.8ghz stable. My cpu turbo is listed at 4ghz. I've turned off coolnquiet,C1E,Turbo, OC Genie already. I tried upping voltage a bit but it makes it unstable. Heat is under 40degrees celsius at 3.8gh running prime95. I've tried higher voltage and it...