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  1. Reyaz123

    CPU fan problem?

    Ever since I cleaned out my laptop fan with compressed air, my CPU fan is making very loud noises and shuts my power off. I check my temperatures for my CPU and mothererboard and they seem to be fine (49 Celsius or lower). However, my CPU fan runs at speeds over 4900 rpm. What is my problem, and...
  2. M

    how make format &install window 7

    i have asus ultrabook its aready installed wondow 8 i need to format &reinstall window 7 how i make it
  3. Svrco

    i7 4790k + r9 280 or i5 4690k + r9 290

    So im planing to bought computer for gaming.. i dont know which of this components will be best. So can you plese help me with this.. im kid 16yers old and im planing to buy new PC for my b-day.. Im planing to keep this pc for another 6-8 years.. so what you think which will have more...
  4. I

    GeForce Experience not recognizing GPU Correctly

    Hello, I just upgraded from a GTX 260 to a 3gb Superclocked GTX 660. When I tried just now to use GeForce Experience to optimize my games it spit out this message even though I meet all of the most recent requirements. I might try later on just reinserting the card and see if it recognizes it...