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  1. NoodlemanD

    Question New pc post issue

    I built my first pc 2 weeks ago and the build was going fine everything plugged in powers on but then, i get no display and no post. I bought a little mobo speaker to find out the beep codes for trouble shooting and didnt get any, i feel like i’ve tried everything, so i hope you guys can help...
  2. Z

    Question New build wont output anything to displays.

    Hi, I've been having a pretty rough day with this brand new build. Anyways, my pc is not outputing anything to my monitor and I have tried connecting it to 2 other TVs but with no avail. It startups up basically but no signal is coming from it. My build: Ryzen 5 1500x RX 580 B350 Gaming Pro 2...
  3. C

    cpu, motherboard, and memory good combination? (CAD prices)

    hi right now im using a i5 3470 w/ LGA1155. i wanted a 8th gen cpu socket so my build would be future proof. this is what i came up with. motherboard: gigabyte H310M A ($79.99) CPU: intel core i3-8100...
  4. P

    Cpu good for Motherboard

    Motherboard cpu...