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  1. sportsmc3

    Question Too Many Background Processes Running on Task Manager?

    I have a Dell G3 gaming laptop that I purchased from Best Buy as a gift, and it seems as though there are a lot of processes running in my Task Manager, and I do not know which ones are safe to disable, or if I should uninstall programs that are running. Currently, I have 86 background processes...
  2. David Acosta

    Question Does anyone knows why all my processes are at 0%?

    This is a problem that has constantly poping up since i got my new computer, thing is out of nowhere my pc decides to give up, videos stop dead on their tracks, i cant write anything, programs dont load, on the task manager all the processes appear to be at 0%, my only option is to restart, but...
  3. S

    Question My CPU is 100%

    When i move my mouse my cpu usage in task manager is rising from 12% to somewhere close to 60 %, and when i type something anywhere it goes to 100%. Can someone tell me a solution to this? I also scanned my computer for viruses and there is no virus. I updated my drivers as well and restarted...
  4. A

    What Operating System? 32 or 64?

    I'm not sure what version of Windows 10 I will need for my pc build 32 or 64?... help me please! Also plan on putting in 2 more memory sticks if I can. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/hwBmCb