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  1. G

    Question Over clock my laptop cpu

    I want to over clock my cpu my laptop specifications Intel core i3 3rd gen . Mother board HM 76 socket g2 plz help me
  2. J

    Question Results of my GPU upgrade and THANK YOU Forum members

    {oh and this is not so much a question post as a report. I would like folks advice and suggestions on any of this ALWAYS} A big thank you for all the help with my recent upgrades. The results "blow the doors off" at least for my expectations for his older rig. I started with this HP Envy...
  3. Todd Littleton

    Question Need friendly people to help guide me to my future PC :)

    Hello, and thank you if you clicked this link! my friend recently pointed me towards this site as I'm currently looking for a pre-made build and was told this community is just full of nice and very PC knowledgeable people. My problem is researching for a decent gaming PC is hard as most reviews...