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  1. NexusPortal

    [SOLVED] Blue Screens, Access Violations, Crashes and insanity.

    So for the last couple months I have been trying to find and solve the issue that has been plaguing me since I got my PC brand new around march. Everything worked perfectly, I could play VRChat perfectly fine without issue for a whole day and everything. Then about a month after it slowly...
  2. Jamry

    [SOLVED] Low FPS on The Forest on 1366x768 resolution while on high and low settings

    The performance im getting while playing The Forest keeps on bugging me as I always experience FPS drops and frequent stutters which ruins my encounters with cannibals in the game. Here is my specs: R7 1700 RX 570 16GB RAM 320GB HDD 240GB SSD (The forest is installed here) The performance im...
  3. nednerbish

    Pre-building components, can i download games and such before installing hdd?

    My new case wont be here til Monday:,( I wondered if I can get a jump start on anything. I have every part except the case and coolmaster cpu fan. I really don't want to break out the mobo, cpu until the case gets here. Have a 3yo and a cat. Can I hook my 1bt Seagate hdd and crucial 256 ssd and...
  4. Charnelfire

    Hardware and compatibility - important -

    Does an ASRock H97 PRO4 Motherboard go well with an Intel® CoreTM i7-4770K, 3.50GHz, Haswell, Socket 1150 inside a Segotep Fighter C Black-Red ? Will be followed by an ASUS Radeon R9 290 DirectCU II 4GB DDR5 512-bit and HyperX Beast 8GB DDR3 1600MHz CL9 Dual Channel Kit and OCZ Fatal1ty Series...