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  1. O

    Question MSI Laptop Studdering and Crashing

    I have purchased a MSI gf65 thin about 6 months back and it worked fin for around a month then all of a sudden it became really studdery and laggy under normal use, like trying to scole on a page would freeze everything up and then a few seconds later it would unfreeze and be back to normal. Or...
  2. S

    Gigabyte GTX 970 Windforce VS GTX 780

    I can only keep one. The other one is promised to my brother. Which should I keep? I hear tell that they are a pretty close match. Does one nudge ahead at all? I'm not concerned with dollar value but rather max stable FPS. That said I got the 780 for 65 bucks and the 970 for 130 bucks both mint...
  3. Z

    i5 6600k worth the 100$ more?

    Will an I3 6100 bottleneck à Gtx 1060, if it does should I go For the 6600k, or just go with a lower end gpu
  4. A

    Compatibility with my components

    Hello guys. I've been doing a mass research about components and I am building a 550-600€ rig. Here are the parts I've already picked: CPU: Intel Core i3 4160 @ 3.6GHz CPU COOLER: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo GPU: Asus GeForce GTX750 TI OC 2GB GDDR5 RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x4096MB (8GB) DDR3...
  5. A

    can i play arma 3? i have amd fx 6100.

    ive been reading alot of reviews about amd procs having problems (particularly on game's FPS) when playing arma 3.. just want to know if my rig can handle the game before i buy it. My pc specs are as follows: CPU: AMD fx 6100 GPU: GeForce GTX 960 RAM: 12GB MOBO: MSI 760gm-p23(FX) (MS-7641)...
  6. C

    Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L hangs at splash screen

    Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L hangs at splash screen. I tried to unplugged all USBs, optical drives, HDDs+SSDs & still no success. I also remove RAM & it beeps means mobo still ok. Anyone who can help please I really appreciate! Many thanks...
  7. exfileme

    Grand Theft Auto 5 Gets A Release Date

    The game isn't hitting the PC until next year. Grand Theft Auto 5 Gets A Release Date : Read more
  8. M

    First time build, can you help optimize it? £700 budget

    Hi, im fairly new to this scene and threw this build together. I would appreciate if I could get some help making it more efficient and maybe cutting some costs to get it below £650, thanks! Edit: I would mainly use the PC for Gaming, and would be using dual...
  9. M

    Help me upgrade my processor

    My AMD FX-8120 gave up on me recently and I'm using my broken processor as an excuse to upgrade, with that said I would like to upgrade to a 12 core processor for a server, but I need it to be compatible with a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3. Any suggestions ?