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  1. R

    [SOLVED] 24” 1080p IPS or 27” 1440 TN

    Hey, Due to covid I can’t go to a shop and check it myself. Both monitors are 144hz+ and I’ve got a 1080ti so I’m sure I can run 1440p. I could not find a clear answer on the internet and have been contemplating for ages Thanks
  2. OllieGE

    Question Best 144hz 1440/1080p TN/IPS 1ms 27" (or 24" if better deal) under £350

    Hello, after making various threads, I have narrowed it down to the specs I want for a monitor. (I play a decent amount of CSGO and rust, I also am going to play games like dying light 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 when they release) Ghosting is really my main concern hence why I didn't want a VA. I...
  3. DasisBezn998

    [SOLVED] need Advices and reviews for a specificDisplay

    i want to know is this display good or not cuz i didn't hear about this brand and thank you
  4. A

    [SOLVED] Best Monitor for Gaming 1080p 240hz monitor vs 2k 144hz ?

    Hey All, i've posted previous post about selecting new monitor after my 1080 144hz monitor died and i'm looking for a new one now im getting really confused actually i don't know what is the ideal option upgrade to 2k 144hz since i have rtx 2080 who can handle 2k monitor ips or va panel or...
  5. R


    I’m looking to update my current 1440 144hz Pixio PX276 monitor with one of the two listed below. ASUS TUF VG27AQ LG 27GL83A-B I’ve narrowed it down to the 2 above, unless someone has a better suggestion. Anyone familiar with these? I am currently coming from a TN panel, so I’m hoping to...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] Monitor opinion / question.

    I currently own a Pixio px 276 2560x1140 144 hz monitor. CPU is Ryzen 7 1800x GPU is 1070ti 16gb ram oc to 3000 I’m looking at two monitors as potential upgrades. One is a TN panel the other an IPS. Price is similar. I’m been doing research and keep finding mixed opinions on IPS vs TN...
  7. T

    Question last vs 2nd gen 240HZ Tn panels and toms hardwares testing methodoligy

    First of all no hate for my name please tom is my actual name. I own a pg258q from asus which uses AU optronics first gen tn 240hz panel, my friend recently got the aorus kd25f which uses a 2nd gen panel. out of curiosity i ran a number of things with the window split across both screens...
  8. H

    Buzzing noise in headphones when LEDs are on

    I have lights behind my desk, which are plugged in to an AC power adapter. When I turn the lights on, I get a weird buzzing noise in my headphones, which disappears immediately when the lights are turned off. I never used to get this problem until I added the power adapter to use my PS4 at my...
  9. T

    650 watt enough for Asus strix gtx 1080?

    hi everyone, I'm planning to buy the i7-6700k + the maximus VIII Hero + 16gb ddr4 memory and i already have the asus strix gtx 1080. last year i bought the corsair cs650m psu(80+ gold). is this enough watt or do i need to upgrade my psu also? i also have some led lights, 4 fans and three ssd's...
  10. F

    fuzzy/white noise from monitor even when no sound is being played

    i have my pc setup in dual monitors the monitor with the problem is quite old and an american make (being used in the uk with an adaptor, 2 to 3 pin) specific make: view sonic - nx2240w lcd tv i previously used this for xbox gaming but changed it to a second monitor when there is no sound...
  11. L

    Is Logisys PSU alright for this build?

    I want to buy this PSU to power up a r7 265 and G3258. I will be overclocking. It gives out 550 wattage, but I know that my specs will require little? So Is...
  12. D

    Are you serious? You seriously comparing the r9 290 with the gtx 960? -.- you lost all my respect as a web and forum....
  13. A

    ASUS ROG Swift

    So apparently it's in stock at NCIXUS. Anyone ever dealt with this company? Are they legit? I want this monitor bad but I'm not super confident enough to hand my $800 over to an online seller I've never heard of. Does anyone have another online retailer to recommend for this monitor?
  14. A

    Is this a good build?

    With this build, what could I run and on what graphical setting? MB: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P CPU: 6 core AMD 6200, 2.8?ghz RAM: 8gb Patriot HD: 450 Gb VC: Galaxy Geforce GTS 450 PS: 450w BFG Case: Generic Emachines case with front card reader, Audio, and lightscribe DVD-RW.