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  1. G

    Question RX480 optimal overclock help

    Hi all. I own an RX 480 Sapphire Nitro+ 8GB and would like to overclock it beyond its normal GPU Clock of 1342 MHz and Memory Clock of 2000 MHz. I'm planning on using Sapphire TriXX to achieve this, but don't understand some settings present on that software. If I hypothetically raise the GPU...
  2. Justiceinacan

    Hard drive questions

    It never occurred to me that there could be some fixes to this, but I will ask anyways or at least find an explanation. Pretty much, sometimes my hard drive has some weird issues ; -Higher than normal noise levels when opening file explorer (normally silent until I hop between files, such as...
  3. L

    (PHOTO) Will my GPU be able to breathe from my HDD?

    I was wondering if my GTX 580s third fan was able to breathe because of the HDD or would there be some overheating because of the case? Please help.
  4. A

    r7 250x with i3 4150 or gtx 750 ti with pentium g3240

    what would be better? r7 250x with i3 4150 or gtx 750 ti with pentium g3240
  5. J

    Gaming 500$ build?

    i want to be able to play next gen games with no lag. i dont care if its 1080p but has to be a minimum of 720p. I Don't play with mods. I want to play, the Sims 4, Bt4, bf3, Cod advanced warfare, skyrim, Gta 4, gta 5. older gta's, the elder scrolls V., and bully scholarship edition.
  6. U

    drivers not installed

    i have installed windows 7 in lenovo t42 but drivers cant installed from any website. what can i do?
  7. lll_Natsu_lll

    3 monitor setup?

    Im building a gaming pc how do i set up 3 monitors with it?