Question RX480 optimal overclock help


Sep 6, 2016
Hi all. I own an RX 480 Sapphire Nitro+ 8GB and would like to overclock it beyond its normal GPU Clock of 1342 MHz and Memory Clock of 2000 MHz. I'm planning on using Sapphire TriXX to achieve this, but don't understand some settings present on that software. If I hypothetically raise the GPU Clock to 1450 MHz and Memory Clock to 2200 MHz, do I have to mess with VDDC Offset (currently at 0 mV), or increase the Board Power Limit from 0%? I have a 500W Seasonic PSU and an Intel Core i7-4790K, so would that setup even support the OC-ed GPU?


I suggest you use AMDs own WattMan to oc since it's included with your drivers and generally works really well.
For the overclock itself i suggest you read some guides on gpu overclocking until you understand what everything means (and i don't mean ones that tell exactly what to do) so you can get an understanding of what to do and how to do it.


+1 for WattMan. Use "manual" voltages so you can see exactly what voltage is being applied to a given frequency.

You're going to have to keep voltages as low as possible so as not to run into thermal limits.

My undervolted RX480 does 1305MHz core @ 1020mV and 2000MHz VRAM @ 920mV. That's pretty average for all the 14nm Polaris cards I've tweaked.
Here's a guide I put together


Oct 12, 2018
first just use wattman. second yes you probably should raise the power limit and the voltage. the voltage will allow you to run a stable overclock. run a gpu benchmark and wait for about 15min to guarantee stability if your computer crashes simply raise the voltage. a crash will not damage your system it is happening because you have either to high of a clock or to little voltage(at 1450 and 2200 it is your voltage) more voltage will introduce more heat into the system so you will likely need to raise the fan curve percentage. if you overdo it on the power limit you will not do anything to your system. as in the name it is the power limit you are just allowing your gpu to use more power so if you want it to actually reach 1450 mhz you need to raise the power limit. also wattman is much simpler than sapphire.