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  1. Senseless0

    Question UE4 games using less than 100% gpu

    GPU: AMD rx 590 CPU: ryzen 5 2600x RAM: 2x 8gb 2666mhz In specifically Borderlands 3 and Mordhau, GPU usage is 100% in menus, and CPU is at 30-40%. But when in-game, GPU usage is at 50-60% but CPU usage is the same. This maybe wouldn't be a problem, but my framerate drops to 50 or less. This...
  2. W

    [SOLVED] Need to know if this system is enough for gaming and unreal engine

    Hello. I want to build a system and this are the specs I want. I just need to know if it will be fine for unreal engine. Let me know if I should swap any of the components for something faster Ryzen 5 3600 32GB lpx corsair vengeance 3600mhz Aorus x570 elite motherboard Rm650x psu ROG strix rtx...
  3. S

    Question Unreal Engine 4 number inputs not showing.How to fix?

    I have Ue4 version 4.22.3 In this vesion when I change the location,rotation,scale etc of a mesh by inputting number.It displays the Numbers.But when I press enter and apply them It doesn't display them.It displays them like the font has been missing.So how to fix this problem?
  4. L

    Question Which laptop for Unreal Engine 4

    Hi, I'm currently looking for a laptop for my 3rd year at university in September, where I will be doing Games Development, and programming using Unreal Engine 4. I've been looking and I want a 2-in-1 laptop as I can use it with a stylus during lectures to write notes on and I also indulge in...