[SOLVED] Need to know if this system is enough for gaming and unreal engine

Aug 19, 2019
Hello. I want to build a system and this are the specs I want. I just need to know if it will be fine for unreal engine. Let me know if I should swap any of the components for something faster

Ryzen 5 3600
32GB lpx corsair vengeance 3600mhz
Aorus x570 elite motherboard
Rm650x psu
ROG strix rtx 2070 super or Gigabyte rtx 2070 super (havent decided yet)
250GB ssd for OS (i need suggestions for best brands to use)
1TB SSD for UE4
2TB HDD for games

Last question. Should I get an AIO and OC the CPU? Or can i stick with stock cooler? Thank you in advance


Nov 23, 2013
All good choices except the OS ssd...like others have said theres no point to anything under 500gig these days because prices are really low.

No reason to OC the Ryzen 3600...just put a decent air cooler on it like the Hyper 212 Black and you'll be golden.
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One thing to get a smaller ssd for OS and other apps might be if reinstall is necessary. No need to touch the other ssd if there is other data onto it. And yes back-up should be able to cover that,but it's imo just easier.

Not looking at price here. yes 500gb is not that much more right now.

Personally probably would use the 3600X (depends on price difference) and let Precision Boost do it's job and not overclock. A better cooler than stock wouldstill be helpfull and doesn't have to be aio,can be alot less expensive.

Think i also would prefer the Gigabyte gpu over the Asus,read about less than optimal cooling from the Asus cooler on it.