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  1. khauamx5

    Question 10400f + 64GB RAM vs 13400f + 32GB RAM for 3D work ?

    Hi, so I am planning on building a new computer for gaming and 3d work (zbrush, maya, substance painter, unreal engine 5), I am in doubt between a 10400f + 3080 + 64gb ram vs a 13400f + 3080 + 32gb ram, both ddr4, plus the 10400f will have a 2tb m.2 and the 13400f only a 1tb sata ssd, these are...
  2. I

    Question PC screen goes black, fans start spinning very fast and loud

    Hi guys, I built my PC in 2018. I started having this issue last year. Sometimes during idle, my monitor will randomly go black and my PC fans start spinning at an incredible speed. It sounds like a jet engine. The only way to get out of this is to force-shutdown. It will reboot as normal, and...
  3. N

    [SOLVED] Would change of RAM do any difference at all?

    I think I finally got my rig nailed, but I'm curious if my current RAM (G.Skill Aegis 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16) could be improved OR if any change would result only in an abysmal improvement. Would I be able to tell a difference at all? Cheers on this glorious summer day! Here are my...
  4. LautaO10

    Question Underperforming cpu/gpu

    Hi! I've had my computer since 2019 and I've run into a ton of problems ever since I first bought it, I use it mostly for gaming (Rainbow six siege, CSGO, GTA and Warzone) but my fps never seem to be stable or perform as expected. In games like Rainbow six siege I get around 220 fps even on the...
  5. K

    Question GA-Z170XP-SLI compatible parts

    Looking to build a computer I have the following USED components. Motherboard: GA-Z170XP-SLI Processor: i7-4960X Extreme Memory: f3-2400c10q-32gtx G.Skill Trident X Video Card: GTX 1070 Power supply: TR2 600W TR2-600NL2NC Will this work? Have any recommended sites to see what is compatible...
  6. jnjnilson6

    Discussion Red Line Overclocking

    What're the maximum overclocks you've managed (regarding any hardware component)? Were they stable? How did it go? Did you use water cooling? What interesting changes did you make in the BIOS? In my case: Celeron 420 1.6 GHz to 3.0 GHz (normal cooling; stable performance and good temperatures)...
  7. punkdumbo

    Question Need help choosing new graphic card

    I need little help with choosing GPU. My PC build is old and I'm slowly trying to change the components. But now my worst nightmare is my GPU - I work in Blender and my old GPU is not doing great job (I know my CPU will be still old) but for now I need just GPU upgrade (with future possibility...
  8. C

    Question Will these components work well together?

    Hey guys this is the build I am thinking about, can someone with experience tell me if they would function well together. -3070ti Gigabyte 3x -Ryzen 7 5800x -MSI MAG Coreliquid b240 2x120mm -MSI B550 Gaming Plus (I guess you have to do BIOS update first for the CPU I am thinking about) -NZXT...
  9. Gonsa17

    Question Fan Hub not detected by Motherboard

    Hello people. Hope you are having a great time at this holiday season. Now, onto the pressing matter: I have a gigabyte b550 ds3h MB with 2 fan headers and 1 cpu fan header. I went and bought an additional 2 fans (CORSAIR SP120 RGB ELITE) so the system would be always cool so I had to buy a...
  10. SeanK135

    Question Severe FPS drops when gaming for extended period ?

    Hi, i need help with an issue that started a while back cant even remember when exactly. but basically after i game for a extended time (few hours) i begin to hit huge fps drops like 110 fps down to 10-20 fps every 10 - 15 seconds only starts after playing for a few hours and effects my whole...
  11. luneki

    Question Any advice on my new build?

    Hi everyone! I'm building a new PC and I'd like your opinion on it. Any advice is welcome. I already have the monitor, but I added it so it's clear I'll be running at 3440 x 1440 Link: CPU: i7-13700KF MoBo: Asus ROG STRIX B660-A GAMING WIFI D4 GPU...
  12. folksrust

    Question Wait Until Black Friday/Cyber Monday or just buy second hand?

    Hi, I just bought an i5-12600k and I’m needing to buy a graphics card, I was wondering if it’s best to wait till Black Friday or cyber Monday to buy or if I should just go ahead n go for one on eBay? Not sure what discounts I should be expecting to get on cyber Monday or Black Friday
  13. J

    Question PC peripherals and screen stopped working ?

    So I builded my pc two years ago and it works normally. Yesterday I was using my PC as usual. I leave it on a couple hours (normal) and when i came back to shut it down I moved the mouse and nothing, I realized that the keyboard backlit was not on, so this was weird. I then shut it down using...
  14. folksrust

    Question I think my PC is underperforming - - - upgrade advice and help ?

    Hi, I feel like my PC may be underperforming, maybe the motherboard isnt strong enough as it is (PRIME B365M-K), my ram is 16gb DDR4 3200mhz, RTX2060, i7 8700. I was thinking of upgrading my CPU to the i5 12700KF but unsure if my mobo is compatible with that and I am not wanting to spend A LOT...
  15. jnjnilson6

    Discussion What Were the CPU and Specs of Your First PC?

    Specs of my first computer (year 2001): CPU: Intel Celeron Tualatin @ 1.3 GHz (overclockable to 1.5 GHz) GPU: GeForce2 MX 400 w/ 64 MB memory RAM: 256 MB HDD: 40 GB Operating Systems: Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000 and RedHat Linux 7.3 You may write about your current system specs and CPU, the...
  16. A

    Question Are these components a good choice?

    Intel Core i5-12600K Kingston FURY Beast 32GB (2x16GB) 3200MHz DDR4 CL16 MSI PRO Z690-A DDR4 Mainboard ATX Noctua NH-U12S Redux with NF-P12 redux-1700 PWM 120mm Be quiet straight power 11, 550 or 650 watt? And should i worry about the cpu bending reports about the 12600k?
  17. Kazuff

    Question Can I fit a GPU in my HP Compaq 4000 Pro (SFF)?

    I have a HP Compaq 4000 Pro (SFF) PC that I wanted to buy a GPU for since it only has an integrated GPU. My cousin recommended me an Nvidia GT series GPU, A GT 610 one but he told me to make sure it fits into the PC, I know they aren't the best but I am trying to make this PC as cheap as...
  18. E

    Question PC won't POST after playing heavier games

    Good day, everyone! I've been having problems with a PC that I built for a friend. I built it this March and started having issues with it after 2 months of usage. I'll detail all the issues I've had with it so far below. The first instance was in late May wherein the PC won't POST after...
  19. Gamefreaknet

    Question Where to buy Laptop CPUs?

    I currently have an Alienware M15 R1 (laptop) with a i7 8750H CPU and RTX 2070 Max-Q which I am currently looking at upgrading to either: i7 1195G7 or i7 11850H (Preferred) I checked on Alienware Arena that my laptop could have its CPU changed. I have checked bottlenecks for both CPU and GPU...
  20. T

    Question My PC is performing really bad

    According to my Pc is doing really bad for it's components, here is the benchmark page:
  21. TheFlash1300

    Question Can you order a CPU by design?

    Can I have a designer CPU, if I have enough money to pay Intel, AMD, or another chip-maker? Is it possible to buy a machine that can make CPUs? If I have software that is capable of operating only within certain hardware, which is no longer supported and the compatible CPUs and motherboards are...
  22. T

    [SOLVED] will these components fit together, and will they fit in this case?

    This is my first time putting together a pc, and i dont know if these components will work or fit together. Components: Motherboard( MSI MAG B550 TOMAHAWK ) 2x RAM( Corsair DDR4 vengeance RGB Pro SL 2x8GB 3600 white ) CPU( AMD Ryzen 7 5800X ) GPU( MSI GeForce RTX 3070 Ti GAMING X TRIO 8G )...
  23. C

    [SOLVED] what specification for 4K gaming ?

    what specification with monitor I need to achieve 4K gaming in this video or this channel View:
  24. B

    [SOLVED] I don't know what PSU to buy for my new build ?

    i bought msi b450m pro max (motherboard) planning to buy ryzen 3 3200g and 8gb ddr4 ram and install my gt 1030 and hdd with it but i have electricity problems here and i had 3 motherboard die for me last year using cheap PSU but before that i used the psu normally with no issues and the closest...
  25. IAmRooby


    So, I've decided to splash some cash and do a major upgrade of my current system, could anyone have a glance at the parts I'm looking at and give some advice on whether it's ok or suggest better parts etc - it will all be running with a Gigabyte 3080 ti and a 1000w Asus PSU on a 1440p monitor...
  26. A

    Question Why do I sometimes get shocked when I touch my PC case?

    I'm a newbie when it comes to pc parts and electricityt stuffs, and would like to ask (1) why do I sometimes get shocked when I touch my PC case, and sometimes not? I noticed that I often GET SHOCKED when I touch my PC case and/or other metal parts when IT IS NOT ON, BUT PLUGGED IN, and I DON'T...
  27. M

    [SOLVED] What is wrong with my system?

    Asrock AB350M Pro4 Performance Results - UserBenchmark My gpu utilization in games will sometimes spike randomly and usually stay down below 50%. My wattage stays between 30w-60w. This is all according to MSI AfterBurner.
  28. J

    [SOLVED] How to find components for a project?

    Years ago I worked for National Semiconductor. They had book after book on their components. What they were for, how they worked, inputs and outputs, etc. I want to build a DashCam prototype, but don't know where to look for the different components: micro cameras, interface chips for the...
  29. S

    [SOLVED] 12900k video editing build

    I'm building a new system for video editing in Premiere Pro and After Effects. So far im looking at: CPU: 12900k Motherboard: z690 aorus pro / aorus ultra / aourus master / asus hero, MSI MPG Z690 Carbon? RAM: DDR5 64 GB, 4000-4800 mhz PSU: 750 - 850W GPU: 3060 ti / 3070 / 3080 Storage: 2x...
  30. B

    [SOLVED] is 500VA powerstar UPS enough for my new gaming build?

    i am gonna buy ryzen 3 3200g and 8gb ddr4 ram also new mobo also use gt 1030 idk what PSU i am gonna use but is it enough for the 500va ups? i want to protect my pc since 3 mobos died for me last year and i am done
  31. B

    Question is my PSU okay to use with ryzen 3 3200G and B450 mobo

    i have PSU that worked with i3 4150 6gb ram and gt 1030 but i dont know if it would work with ryzen 3 3200g and 8gb ram and also B450 motherboard + GT 1030 (maybe i will use the vega 8 cuz its better but who knows i might use the gt 1030) and DVD-ROM, HDD or should i just get a new one ? cause...
  32. shiva322

    [SOLVED] Upgrade Parts

    Specs: Ryzen 5 5600x Asus b550 f gaming Corsair Dominator platinum 2x8 3600mhz Rtx 3070 Msi trio Seagate barracuda 2TB m.2 samsung evo 500gb seasonic focus 850w Hello guys one noob question, what to upgrade or should i upgrade between cpu and ram? btw, i always open multiple tabs (watching...
  33. P

    Question Random black screen ?

    Help! Before, I always had an issue with random freezing scenario while playing games. I expected that it's because of my case or temperatures between GPU and CPU so i upgraded some of them. Earlier my monitor randomly blacked screen while playing Apex legends, this was my main issue before I...
  34. S

    [SOLVED] What kind of SSD my mobo does support?

    I have and old 1TB HDD and Gigabyte H81M-S motherboard so I decided to buy an SSD. But I wonder what kind of SSD my mobo supports? I'm not sure if my mobo supports nvme SSD's, is it even that much faster than standard SSD? What connectors also do I need for and SSD? I've never possesed any of...
  35. D

    Question Need help troubleshooting CPU_LED after weird crash.

    Today I encountered a problem with my PC, and I don't know if this will help but I will write down exactly what happened just incase it makes it easier to solve for someone. So first I've had this same computer since 2015; Asus z97-a Intel i7 4790k Msi gtx 970 gaming 4G , Corsair 16gb 2x8GBcl9...
  36. Dominum_vestri

    [SOLVED] Need advice/opinion in component selection

    Hello, I'm planning on building a new PC, but I don't have much knowledge in components :/ My he made a parts list and I want to ask you if you think they are good for the price. Here's the list: 1x Seagate BARRACUDA 1TB 7200rpm 64MB 3x be quiet! Pure Wings 2 PWM 140mm 1x be quiet! System...
  37. S

    [SOLVED] CM HAF 912 plus optimal fan configuration

    I have the Cooler Master HAF 912 plus case. My pc specs are: 9900KS Dark rock pro 4 3080 ti aorus master Z390 aorus master 3600 Mhz ram 970 Evo plus SSD what is the optimal fan setup in this case for the best cooling? Currently this is my setup: Intake: Intake front: 200mm Cooler master fan...
  38. P

    [SOLVED] Need advice on my $2.5k gaming PC build

    Hello all, I was hoping you could give me your feedback on my pc build and double-check my work. I want to make certain there aren't any conflicts within the build and that the parts I've chosen are of sound quality. The build is linked below; any and all feedback is appreciated. Some things...
  39. R

    [SOLVED] New PC advice/build

    Hello I currently have a prebuilt Alienware R7 currently, but it is slowing down, and with all these new games, I want to upgrade. It has been a great pc to me however. I am looking for something with a budget but still good for gaming, maybe around $1000-1300? That price range can be flexed...
  40. C

    Question PC keeps restarting/starting without signal to the monitor ?

    Hello. I am experiencing a big problem with my pc. Sometimes it will just restart over and over and only show the bios(i think its the bios) on the screen like 0.5 seconds then proceed to continue restarting. Other times,it will boot up normally,like everything works,but there is no signal on...