Question What is wrong with my system?


Retired Mod
Where do you see that there is anything wrong? For the hardware you have, as compared to other identical hardware, you are in the 85th percentile on GPU and 89th percentile on the CPU. That's not terrible at all to be honest. And furthermore, userbenchmark is a pile of crap anyhow. As often mentioned here, it hates if you have anything else running, so it's usually a good idea to shut down, restart, go to the site, wait about five minutes for things to calm down and initial processes to complete their startup routines, make sure no other applications are running and then run it again.

But overall, I've not seeing a problem there really. The only reason you are likely even down into the 80-90th percentile range compared to other users is that other users with the same graphics card and CPU likely have them overclocked and you do not. Aside from that, if you are actually having performance issues, then it's likely because you have older hardware that was only very entry level even when it was new.
Mar 31, 2022
about the gpu utilization its probably because the gpu preloads incoming graphics within seconds so it rests for a few seconds during game play and then resumes the gpu load when loading more incoming graphics or on the fly high utilization when heavier loads of graphics.