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  1. Shugahime

    Question CPU & GPU fan won't spin

    I'm having a rather difficult time diagnosing what's wrong with my build, and I really need some help. As of this moment my CPU heatsink and my GPU fans will not spin upon booting up. I cannot troubleshoot it in BIOS, as my monitor will not read it, which is also a problem... and I had to...
  2. zoomies

    Question Black screen and one beep

    I have this problem just now when I turned on my PC, there’s no display then I hear one beep. All fans are spinning. After troubleshooting it I think my gpu (rx 570) is dead because when i plugged in my gt 210 it boots up normally and to double check that my mobo is not dead. The question is...
  3. 2

    Question Why do I have low gpu usage in GTA V?

    I don't know why this happen, but my GPU usage doesn't go above 60% on GTA, and this hugely affects my performance. I am playing on a laptop, and while it's true that laptop GPU's are usually slower than its desktop version, but it still, it shouldn't go that low. Here are my system specs...
  4. S

    Question PC restarts during heavy gaming, randomly

    Hello everyone! I started having some PC issues a couple of months ago, my PC restarts (without the BSOD) during some graphic intensive games -sometimes. So I tried the following: cleaning the PC reseating the cables plugging out some of the externals (camera etc.) My PC is not overclocked in...

    [SOLVED] Computer performance problem !

    So here is the thing since i have bought my pc almost 2 years now it has been really weird the first time I noticed it is after having it being really slow on some games and after checking other builds like mine its seemed underperforming and after looking for a fix and doing all the basic...
  6. xxxjv

    Question Can Psu handle my build? Help:(

    Can Psu handle my build? Mobo an old Asrock N68-VS3 UCC Amd Phenom II X3 720 - 95 watts 2×4gb RAM 500gb HDD Nvidia gts 450 2 fans My psu specs (500watts) +3.3V has 25A +5V has 19A It has 2 +12V rail: +12v1 has 20A +12v2 has 20A -12V has 0.5A -5vsd has 3A
  7. RamboLBC

    Question Azza 802 Case Thermals / Potentially killing GPUs

    Okay, so at the time of writing this, I am now RMA'ing my third GPU due to stuttering mid-game, all built into this Azza 802 Cube case. It always takes me about 1-2 months of constant use of each new GPU and then this problem happens, right on schedule each time. None of my other 4 rigs have any...
  8. Noob123456

    Question I have a i5 4670 with asus h81 mobo and i also had a Rx 570 but i dont have the Rx 570 anymore now after i boot up my pc it says no signal

    I have a i5 4670 with asus h81 mobo and i also had a Rx 570 but i dont have the Rx 570 anymore now. afte plugging the cable to the mobo when i boot up my pc it says no signal ps. do you have to like change in the bios to get the cpu graphics or something?
  9. INach

    Question GPU DisplayPort works fine with VGA adapter, but HDMI adapter doesnt work

    My computer has 3 DisplayPorts and 1 HDMI outputs. I normally use 3 monitors, one is VGA only, so I use a VGA to DisplayPort adapter, which works perfectly on all ports I try to connect it. Always good, on all ports. The other 2 monitors are HDTVs that use HDMI, so I connect one directly onto...
  10. C

    Question Buying or upgrading PC. What parts do you think would be the best option for me, given the details below?

    I am looking to run and record games such as Minecraft w/shaders and Cities: Skylines to start, with possible expansion into more AAA titles depending on what I can afford. At the moment my PC struggles with any screen recording, but especially when gaming. I use OBS and perhaps I could optimize...
  11. G

    Question What can I do to make my pc faster?

    Hi there I have found myself playing more pc games recently and finding that they have been getting harder to run. Also recently I got a 1440p monitor so I doubt that helps haha. I upgraded my core parts in December. The parts I got were a 3700x, 32gb ram, motherboard, and a new psu. I currently...
  12. J

    Question What's the ideal locations for my M.2 drives (above or under GPU) ?

    Hi there. I recently got a 500GB 970evo plus as my Linux drive, and today I just bought a 1TB WD Black for my win10 drive. Now here's the problem, my 2nd M.2 slot is directly under the PCIe slot where my thicc graphics card lies. my card completely covers the 2nd slot. so the card will have to...
  13. Vaico

    Question Best option for underclocking?

    Hi everyone my Asus Strix 2080 OC is driving me mad lately, the fans are way too loud. I already tried the "quiet" bios which is not really quiet for me. The fans are going 3k+ rpm which is super loud... For some reason the GPU runs hotter then it should in my opinion so i decided to underclock...
  14. Hollowserpent

    Question Rma gpu from rog strix prebuilt

    Hi I purchased a prebuilt rog strix pc that had a 2070 super installed. I wound up building a new computer with the gpu and cpu from the prebuilt. My question is can I rma this GPU as it has recently started messing up after about 3 months in the new system.
  15. S

    Question GPU Fan speed ramps up for a few seconds ?

    Hey, I've noticed that sometimes my GPU Fan speed jumps from 2800 RPM (2800 is max for my GPU in Afterburner) to roughly 4000 RPM for a few seconds. I believe that this is caused by high temps, as this only happens with temperatures reaching 80 degrees Celsius when I'm...
  16. [SOLVED] Can a GPU IO port catch rust?

    I live in India and here in my city humidity is bit high during the monsoon around 70-80%. In summer its lower around 50%. Getting a dehumidifier is not possible as my living room is quite big and getting a dehumidifier will be a big investment which I will not be able to take on now. So I got a...
  17. jahlex

    Question GPU both mounting holes were stripped out and now screws won't tighten

    I stripped out the mounting holes of my case and now the screws can't tighten my GPU in place, they still hold it in though just not tight enough. I have a few questions about this: Is it safe to leave it like this without doing any damage to the GPU or the PCIe slot? If not, will leaving my...
  18. S

    Question Should I upgrade cpu or gpu?

  19. B

    Question Thermal pad size for DELL inspiron N5110 GPU chip

    Hi, I have missed the intel ICH thermal pad from my friends laptop while opening it But not sure which size fits in it, especially the thickness so it could contact the ICH chip and metal (heat sink) DELL inspiron N5110 Intel ICH pad Any suggestions guys ?
  20. M

    Question XFX 570 Red light blink

    So, I got this rx570 4gb XFX, its 1 yr since i bought it and it was working fine, with bios configs. But, suddenly yesterday, the gpu just wont work. Like, when i start the pc without the 8pin power conector, it boots up with a solid red light that i think it means theres not enough power to...