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  1. Karemell

    Question GPU 100% fan speed black screen

    I was playing fortnite. Suddenly my pc got a black screen and my audio got cut off. I restarted my pc and I had a black screen with my GPU on 100% fan speed. In the past I did have this too, but I could just restart my pc and it worked again. My temps weren't high it was 65-75°c or sometimes...
  2. T

    Question MSI RTX 2080 Ti GAMING X TRIO

    Hi Fellows, I ordered a MSI RTX 2080 Ti GAMING X TRIO. It is a card that got send back by a customer or where the delivery was not succesfull (unused but maybe with opened packaging stated by the shop). "Many" cards had issues with the memory, even though the RMA of 2080 ti's was stated as...
  3. Question Whats the best choice: RTX 2080 for € 689,- or RTX 2070 Super for € 649,- ?

    Hey guys, ✌ is it worth around € 50,- more to buy the ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 DUAL OC EVO when it comes to performance ? its for gaming! when choosing between these 2 GPU's : MSI GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER GAMING X TRIO € 649,- ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 DUAL OC EVO € 689,- the rest of my pc build...
  4. K

    Question New GPU won't connect with my mobo

    I got the new AMD Radeon 5700 ( ) and tried to install the hardware to my PCI slot on my micro-atx Gigabyte mobo ( ) but it won't work. The GPU is getting power because I plugged it into...
  5. B

    Question keep getting display error

    I keep getting this error: "the system has detected a link failure and cannot set the requested resolution and refresh rate..." I cannot figure out why. I have a display port to display port cable running from my rx580 to a viewsonic VX2457-MHD. I have just purchased a new cable and that did not...
  6. Question Airflow Conundrum.

    As the title suggests my PC is having a BAD issue with the airflow, and I am at my wit's end to fix it. To elaborate, I recently switched cases, from a cooler master elite 130 to a new Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX. Initially when I made the switch my GPU overheated even when it idled (around...
  7. Y

    Question Upgrade my CPU or GPU?

    Hey everyone! I was wondering what I should upgrade first; CPU or GPU. My current setup is: -i5 7500 -6GB GTX1060, MSI Gaming X edition -16GB of RAM I did some research into the upgrades and I don't want to upgrade a little bit, for instance from my 1060 to a 1070 or from my i5 7500 to a...
  8. R

    Question Motherboard temperature under load

    Hi , I have a friend with this setup here listed . The temps on motherboard goes up to 62 °c under full load ... Is a normal temperature for the motherboard ? The GPU had broken and didint had 2 years yet , so was send to warranty already , he's waiting for the new one , was I that had made the...
  9. K

    Question PC Doesn't boot with GPU installed

    So i got my new 1155 motherboard and cpu, but there is a problem. It works fine with onboard iGpu, but when i plug in my rx460 graphics card the screen is just black, but the fans are spinning. Any ideas, Motherboard is ECS H67H2-M3 cpu core i5 2400 gpu rx460
  10. L

    Question system not at its full capacity

    Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 8GB Corsair 16GB 3000mhz Ryzen 5 2600 3.4Ghz So when I'm playing fortnite and other games the system only uses half of its capacity. Like I get 60% at cpu 60%gpu and 40% ram usage. Its really annoying because of the fps drops I get. V-sync is turned off and I have the...
  11. S

    Question Is this an efficient build?

    I'm going for a pretty powerful system for gaming, streaming, recording, and editing for programs like after effects. Heres my build Notes: I chose the i9 because its only ~$100 more than the i7 for a lot better performance. I know 32 GB of ram isn't...
  12. I

    Question which cpu is the better buy

    I’m building a system with a ryzen 2700 and no I don’t want a ryzen 3000, because then i am over budget, but my question was: is it better to pair it with a rtx 2060 super(€495 in my country) or a rtx 2070 super(€570)?
  13. H4mmerhead

    Question Graphics card not functioning?

    Hello, I have a problem that i hope someone on here can help me out with. I while back my monitors suddenly went completely black, and i couldn't get them back while plugged into my GPU. ( I am currently running on on-board graphics) I should also add that the board explorer on my MSI...
  14. Question Will The Gtx 1650 work with this Prebuilt Computer?

    I bought the fujitsu esprimo p420 e85 about 2 months ago and I wanted to know if the MSI GeForce gtx 1650 AERO ITX 4GB OC will work with this Prebulit PC or any gtx 1650 since I want to use it to play Cyberpunk 2077. This is the PC Thank You In Advance.
  15. middle7

    Question GTX 660 missing part

    I purchased this off ebay and its missing the plate on the back that helps it connect. Can I fix this? I cant upload a photo for some reason...its the part that screws in and also has the dvi connectors on the end
  16. A

    Question Are my fps normal for my 2060.

    I have a 2060 factory overclocked from zotac. I mostly play PUBG at the moment and i feel like my GPU is under performing considering all graphical settings are on low except for anti aliasing (high) and textures (high). I average 98 fps and see drops to 70 fps. So I decided to look at some...
  17. GrandpaCreedie

    Question Will my GPU fit?

    My friend just offered me to buy his GTX 1080 really cheap, but I am unsure about if it will physically fit in my case. I have a Lenovo H520 case, anybody who can help?
  18. mranimo

    Question I want to upgrade my pc. What graphics card do you recommend?

    I have now an asus R9 290 and an fx-8300 cpu. In my country the MSI vega56 is only 265$. Is it worth? Or what card do you recommend? And what about the cpu, what do you recommend to the new graphics card? :unsure::unsure:
  19. E

    Question Beginner PC builder, internet card doesn't fit with new GPU

    I'm helping my younger brother upgrade his Graphics Card to an ATI Radeon R7 240 but we cant fit it in with our internet adapter. We got a ribbon cable riser but its too long at its ports to fit either. We need some kind of 90 degree adaptor, ideally not bigger than 15 mm. Can anyone provide...
  20. S

    Question greenish graphic in Rust at nighttime using flashlight etc

    Hey. i have experienced greenish graphic in Rust especially nighttime when using a flashlight. i also have fps drops in half of the games that I play. usually games that are known to have fps drop also. I wonder if this problem might be fixed if I change my graphics card to another the same...