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  1. angolo

    Question CPU is stuck at 100C!! Please help

    Hello, I've just recently found out that my computer has started running very slow compared to usual. In games it now runs very choppy and doesn't get many frames anymore. I go to check my cpu utilization and its at 1%, but 100C! It has thermal paste, I cleaned out all of the fans are and they...
  2. F

    Question Different CPU Ratio and CPU Cache. I want to underclock my CPU

    Hy,I want to underclock my cpu. what is the difference between cpu cache and cpu ratio? For example, if I want to make the maximum ratio to 27, then the CPU cache min and max must be set from auto to manual as well?
  3. O

    Question i7 4790K and GTX 1060 bottleneck

    Today I upgraded my cpu from an i5 4590 to an i7 4790K. It all seemed to have been working fine until I loaded up The Last Of Us. I waited for shaders to build again and continued the game. Then I saw that there was no difference whatsoever between the old cpu and the new one. Gpu utilization...
  4. Terv

    Question Ryzen 5 5600X not booting anymore

    I just recently moved into my apartment and when setting up my PC I encountered an issue with my CPU. I have a MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk motherboard which includes an EZ Debug LED system. When turning on my PC the CPU LED stays solid red and won’t even boot my bios. I’ve tried everything relating to...
  5. J

    Question Is there anything I can do to try to get 60fps in warzone?

    Questions pretty much in the title. Have a lenovo laptop that has an i7 8th gen, 20gb Ram, 1650 Ti graphics card. Have tried all the lowest settings I can and a lot of youtube vids to try and get the fps up to 60, but highest i can get is 30 fps - I know ill never get good quality gameplay...
  6. Mark-Elder

    Question CPU causing RAM malfunctions

    I’ve had my ryzen 7 5800x for a little over a year now and I’ve never had any problems with it, but I bought two more sticks of Corsair RGB 16GB 3200mhz RAM on top of the 16 gb I already had (same spec as the ones I bought) but when I put them in their slots the computer wouldn’t boot, I found...
  7. jnjnilson6

    Discussion CPUs and 16K - Are You Ready for the Future?

    On the right side of the above image there appear two 16K videos. To play them you'd need a very fast Internet connection and a very powerful CPU. My Core i7-12700H (14 Cores / 20 Threads | Top Speed @ 4.7 GHz) goes up to 100% while playing video 1. The Wikipedia page may be reached at...
  8. T

    Question i7-8700 Temperature Issues & Power Limit Throttling

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a second-hand i7-8700 processor and it's worked fine for a few weeks until recently, where I noticed the PC dumping out lots more hot air than usual, causing my room to be seriously hot and uncomfortable to be in. Upon further investigation, the CPU...
  9. laokbejarok

    Question Can a faulty cpu cause internet problem?

    Hi, I have upgraded my cpu from ryzen 5 2400g to 5600. After the upgrade I noticed that my wifi card not detected anymore. (Not even detected in device manager). Ethernet connection also disconnect randomly (error code 43). I have done many things to solved this. -Clean windows installation...
  10. RougeTempest

    Question Please help my cpu keeps overheating

    So ive bought a pc off of ibuypower back in December of 2021. I don’t remember the specs off the top of my head but if im not mistaken my cpu is a ryzen 5700 i think. And i dont think ive faced this problem until this year. It heats up all the way to 90 degrees and will turn off due to it. Ive...
  11. michaelreus

    Question Laptop Power Throttling followed by Coil Whine even when disabled ?

    Recently I've encountered an issue with my laptop: annoying coil whine just suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and a day or two after that an insane power throttling started happening. Absolutely positive that the issue is not connected to audio speakers and is not thermal throttling. The only...
  12. G

    Question Upgrading from i5-6400 to i7-6700 but I've run into problems ?

    Hello all, First time here, ill try to give as much detail as possible... So my PC is running an i5 6400, with an MSI GTX 1060 3GB for the graphics card. I recently got a used i7 6700. Originally when I installed the i7, my pc would randomly restart, even if it was just sitting on the...
  13. jnjnilson6

    Question Concerning Cinema

    This would be a vague question qualifying aesthetically to the depths of glorious enchantment spread over the screen. I would be glad if anyone can provide information concerning the hardware, most importantly the CPUs and GPUs engaged into pressure for delivering the devious and entertaining...
  14. Fedaaye

    Question Ryzen 9 5950X Dipping Below 4.0 GHz, even seen it go down to 0.75 GHz

    Hey all I'm so confused, today I just switched from a Ryzen 9 3900X to a Ryzen 9 5950X, and am experiencing clock speeds under 1.0 GHz, I've seen it dip to 0.75 GHz, mostly when idle, but it makes my PC stutter so bad. When I'm playing games I don't really see it as often. PC Build CPU : Ryzen...
  15. C

    Question CPU thermal behaviour can change depending on BIOS/Firmware?

    Good afternoon guys, I'm Marco, I'm new and I come from Italy. I'm here to hope to have a clue about my new cpus laptop behavior. Recently I bought an Alienware M17 R4 10870H/3080 laptop. I bought it used, but seems to be ok. The fact is that when I try to reset the pc I notice huge heat and a...
  16. D

    Question PSU blew up. Are other components okay?

    So yesterday while gaming I suddenly saw a flash near my PSU alongwith a loud pop sound, causing my PC to instantly shutdown. When I opened my cabinet, I saw a small metal piece stuck behind my motherboard(don't ask how it got there). I tested my motherboard and psu at a friend's pc only to find...
  17. Aera1132

    Question My friend wants to make his own CPU for gaming

    Hi, My friend wants to make his own CPU for gaming can anyone suggest to him good components to build a gaming CPU
  18. johnnytheguy

    Question if i set cpu frequency on rog strix bios does it also lock boost clock?

    its just a simple and quick question. if i set cpu frequency on rog strix bios does it also lock boost clock?
  19. S

    Question My ryzen 5600x high core voltage 2.8V

    Hello, I have a ryzen 5600x, I've heared my cpu fans blowing max speed so I had to check some stuff and then found that my CPU Core voltage is higher than normal I guess! it is reading 2.8V on CPUz, Everything else is fine I guess! I tried installing new OS, Resetting BIOS but nothing happened...
  20. Haracarlo

    Question Undervolting/Overclocking 5800x

    Hello everyone, I have recently installed my Ryzen 7 5800X cooled by a Noctua NH-D15 from my prevoius build. Performance wise all good. I noticed some difference in terms of temps compared to my previous cpu, the I5 9600K, I am aware i can't expect same temperatures between the two but I'll...
  21. sxllout

    Question PC stopped working after bumped

    A few months ago I was using my computer and I had my speaker on top of the tower charging in an outlet inside of my desk. I went to pull the speaker off forgetting it was plugged in and it bumped my PC. My PC froze so I powered it off and back on and it started boot looping, and now when I turn...
  22. Shward

    Question Cpu usage fluctuating

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on this forum and I would like to ask for help with my PC. My CPU randomly fluctuates even on idle, I have almost the same issue as this thread https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/peripherals-randomly-turning-off.3807239/ but mine is a lot worse, all of...
  23. SpacedIsland

    Question PC crashing and restarting but only once per initial boot

    As the title suggests, my PC has been having this issue where it will find its self crashing and restarting instantly usually 20-30 minutes after I boot it up, sometimes sooner if I launch a game or even just random happenstance. Then after the initial crash and restart, the PC seems to work...
  24. Bablosarbast

    Question Bottleneck?

    hello!! Wanted to ask if the Ryzen 9 3900x is too weak for the Radeon 6950xt? According to bottleneck calculator is isn’t but some others have said it is.
  25. S

    Question When I turn on Power Saver on My Windows 10 Power plan my CPU temperatures decrease dramatically. Is it a bad thing to keep my pc on power saver mode

    Hi, I turned on "Power saver mode" on my windows 10 Power plan. And it dramatically decreased my CPU temperature and power consumption. Where I am from the Ambient temperatures are really high around 42c. So my I7 13700K runs hot even with a 280 MM Aio. I didn't undervolted my cpu. I just want...
  26. J

    Question Static Noise from either GPU or CPU

    Hi there, I have been having some issues with a fairly loud static noise emanating from my pc. I have taken the front panel off and I'm fairly confident it is coming from either the GPU or the CPU pump however its hard to tell them apart. It isn't usually there when I start the PC but is usually...
  27. P

    Question CPU Temps.

    Hey, so I just ordered a new AIO for my desktop. I suspect my old AIO(NZXT M22 Kraken 120mm) was dead, so I ordered a new one (NZXT X63 280mm).I’m not sure when it started happening, but my CPU (I7-10700K) was running pretty hot usually around mid 80’s to mid 90’s °C, so here’s hoping it helps...
  28. Ashckroft

    Question PC lagging and crashing after dust cleanup

    Hello, Two weeks ago I cleaned my PC from dust using compressed air from can. The only component that I removed to clean up was the CPU fan. After this I noticed some weird lag spikes when i alt+tab or frame drops while in a game. Today I removed the drivers in safe mode and reinstalled them a...
  29. consptheory77

    Question What is proper motherboard etiquette?

    So I am trying to do my build. I got everything assembled, first try, no power up. It's a dead PSU. (MSI A1000G). Got my replacement PSU yesterday (Corsair Shift 1000W). Paper clip test works (I know, it doesn't measure proper voltages but rules out DOA), fan spins up and then stops, I...
  30. kingcobra6686

    Question CPU Core Voltage higher than 2.7 V.

    Hi. All software (HWMonitor, CPU-Z) and BIOS show CPU Core Voltage of 2.7 V. But CPU has good temperatures. According to Forums, at 2.7 V Core Voltage, CPU must be dead. But it is working, the only problem is that when I play games, games crash. But I can close the games and PC is still...
  31. noname223

    Question cpu being underclocked

    I recently changed my Gpu,Motherboard and psu from (GA-F2A88XN-WIFI-rev-3.0) itx to (ecs elitegroup a68f2p m4 v1) micro atx, (rx550 2gb) to (rx580 8gb) and 450 watts to 750 watts, there were no problems at first till i noticed my fps was so low even when i upgraded to a new gpu... So i checked...
  32. zoldos

    Question options to cool down a really hot Alder Lake 12th Gen i9-12900?

    I just bought an HP Envy "gaming" computer. It runs really, really hot when gaming, and has a 12th Gen i9-12900 16 core CPU. The case only has a front fan which is poorly placed, a rear 92mm exhaust fan, and a 92mm CPU fan with one and a half cooling towers. There is however a spot above the...
  33. jafar__4

    Question the pc crash when the gpu in the first slot

    Hi Guys,i have proplem in my pc when i put my gpu in the first pcie it work but after 15 mints restart the pc agean and agean. but when i put the gpu in the second pcie slot its works good my pc i7 11700k asrock z590 steel legend Rtx 3070 zotach ram 16 gb 3200 8x8 xigmatek psw 750w bronze...
  34. Haracarlo

    Upgrading System from Intel to Amd

    Hello everyone! Thank you in advance to everyone will reply to this ;) I actually have my I5 9600k a bit overclocked as well and in pair with my rtx 3060ti, I noticed some bottleneck mainly in certain kind of game really heavy on the GPU of course. So I decided to upgarde to a Ryzen 7 5800X and...
  35. kzainshah

    Question Compatibility of GIGABYTE B550 Gaming X Motherboard with AMD 5000 Series Ryzen 7 5800X Processo

    The GIGABYTE B550 Gaming X motherboard and I'm planning to pair it with the AMD 5000 Series Ryzen 7 5800X desktop processor. I would like to confirm if this motherboard is compatible with the mentioned processor. Additionally, considering that if the motherboard requires a BIOS update even...
  36. viibrate192

    Question CPU Temps are hitting 87+ While Gaming, which Cooling Part Should I Upgrade First?

    I've been playing more intensive games recently, Cyberpunk, Overwatch 2, Days Gone, etc. CPU: Ryzen 5 5600X, Stock AMD Wraith Cooler GPU: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3070 Eagle OC 8G, Stock Fans Case: NZXT H510, Stock Fans and Stock Configuration, 120mm intake fan in the back, 120mm intake fan on...
  37. stoqn.petrov

    Question ASUS ROG Maximus IX Code - Memory (RAM)

    Hello people, can someone help me picking memory for a CPU i7 6700K with ASUS ROG Maximus IX Code z270 motherboard. [ btw I currently have Kingston HyperX Fury 16GB (2 x 8GB), DDR4, 2133MHz, Non-ECC, CL14 ] Thanks.
  38. T

    Question What should I upgrade to? Currently on i5 8600k

    Hi everyone, I am considering upgrading my CPU (as well as mobo) and wanted some suggestions that won't break the bank. I am currently on an EVGA Z370 board with an i5 8600k @ 5GHz all-core. At this point, 6c/6t just isn't cutting it anymore so what would be some solid value upgrades? If I...
  39. jtann

    Question Audio and video cutout and robotic sounding issue

    So recently I am having an issue where if i am watching a video or doing anything the whole screen and video starts lagging while the audio starts sounding very robotic and cutting out on my pc for a good 10 seconds. Even my cursor lags when that happens and it’s hard to explain but the whole...
  40. V

    Question Swapped my CPU-MOBO-RAM, and now the PC won't boot. Also peripherals doesn't turn on (but USB ports do have power) and no video at all.

    I updated my PC recently, i went from an ASUS H61M-K to an ASUS A320M-K, and upgraded my CPU from an i7 3770 to a Ryzen 3 4100. Eventually, i was forced to change my RAM too, went from DDR3 to DDR4. I have x2 8GB PNY DDR4 3200MHz CL16 1.35V, don't remember the model name tho. Also i've added an...