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  1. D

    Question CPU poor benchmark performance

    I built a new pc a few months back (specs in benchmark) and was able to run everything extremely well. I regularly got 300+ frames in CSGO. Recently I upgraded from stock air cooler to Corsairs H100i Pro rgb, and since then my frames are consistently below 100fps...
  2. Sshorab

    Discussion Courier my Desktop abroad.

    Hi, I'm planning to move abroad and take my desktop along with me, What are the best methods for packing my desktop, to prevent any parts from getting damaged? Mostly concerned over my CASE since it has glass panels. MOBO: Asus Maximus VIII Formula (IK) :rolleyes: CPU: Intel core i5 6400 😢...
  3. Aziren2021

    Question Where can I get Bulk CPU'S?

    So as the name suggests I am looking for where i can buy Bulk processors, current generation rather than older ones, for a bulk price, For example companies who pre-build systems, do they go straight to the company or instead a Wholesale company? If so, does anyone know of where I can find a...
  4. YK kari

    Question i5 7400k

    I have a i5 7400k, and i'm wondering if newer generation 300 series motherboards would support it, LGA 1151
  5. J

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 1600 pcie lanes

    So I still have a Ryzen 1600 with 24 PCIE lanes. But I have 2 Gpu's and a m.2 SSD. That's over 24 PCIE lanes. What is being limited? I plan on selling my second GPU so this is just for curiosity.
  6. J

    Question Can CPU overheat caused because of RAM?

    Something very weird happened few days ago and I don't understand it. Due to some reasons, I unplugged my memory sticks (which I've been using for years) from slots and put them in another PC (wanted to test if that PC would run them well, because it's motherboard is very picky and had no luck...
  7. Noob-Geek

    Question PC stopped posting

    Hi there, I have recently purchased the MSI Codex S 8gb, 128gb SSD, 1tb HDD with GTX 1050 TI LP. Soon after I purchased this set up I added additional 8gb DDR4 ram in the 2rd slot. I am using the H310M pro plus which cam with the set up. The problem occurred due to me leaving my PC open as I'm...
  8. LuukVL


    Hey guys so about 2 days ago my pc suddenly operated really slow. When i start it up it takes like 3 minutes to fill in my password then when its finally working it takes another 5 minutes to load all the pictograms. When i open chrome it takes 5 minutes untill it finally loads the tab. Its...
  9. LucaFire

    Question Video Editing Setup

    Hey all! Looking to make a decent 1080p video editing rig for a friend - probs around $1000-$1500. Obviously with such a constrained budget, I need to look to concentrate on the most important aspects of video editing. I often build gaming rigs, but I don't know what the most important part of...
  10. M

    Question Upgrade GPU or CPU - max 400€

    As many here, i would like to upgrade my PC. I am not sure what to use/buy. my price range is about 400€. All specs are down below. Approximate Purchase Date: the closer the better Budget Range: 400€ for a new pc obv more System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, surfing the...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] intel 10th gen

    Hello everyone!I want to upgrade my pc. I have to choose first between 10th and 9th gen of Intel's CPUs,I want to hear your opinions(I heard that 10th gen performs worst than 9th gen). Second I was thinking about getting the 10th gen (not a big difference in money where I live between the 9th...
  12. BrettCoffman

    Question Modern Warefare Spiking CPU 100%

    Hello all, New to PC Gaming and PC Computing.. Specs Below Processor: Intel Core i7-9700F (4.7 GHz Turbo) (8-Core) 3.0 GHz Motherboard: ASUS / MSI / ASRock (Intel Chipset) Graphics Card: 1x GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8GB Out of all the games that I play, I play Modern Warfare the most. I...
  13. NonS3nsd

    Question CPU DEBUG LED is on and doesnt display

    The debug LED is on after multiple CPU reinstalls with two different CPUs (one had bent pins and were corrected). All this started of me installing more ram. What should i do or try?
  14. T

    Question Do the SKU numbers on an intel processor give us an idea of the difference in performance between 2 processors in the same generation?

    I know the SKU number is pretty much a way for the manifacturer to label products as is the core idea of SKU. but can we get a rough idea of performance differences between different sku numbers?
  15. T

    Question Is the GTX 1660S GPU and the i5-9600k a good combination for gaming at 1080p at a min of 60 fps, 120 pref?

    I feel as though the CPU is a bit too much for 1660s, so maybe i can bump it up to a 2060 or if it's too much then maybe a 1660ti?
  16. T

    Question How do I avoid CPU/GPU bottlenecking?

    Basically, how do I know what GPU would pair with what CPU, and vice versa? What should i look for in a CPU and GPU to know that they are a good combination?
  17. Question How to get CPU information from it's surface.

    Hi, I would like to identify CPU type, speed, etc. I have found out that Intel CPU has something called FPO (batch number) and ATPO (serial number) . While ATPO is stored as 2D barcode matrix, FPO is printed as text on IHS and unlike ATPO it can't be scanned with barcode reader. Is there a way...
  18. V

    Question GPU crashing after 5 minutes of playing a game

    Hi there! Some days ago, my computer started getting weird. Everytime when I was playing a game, after 5-6 minutes, the computer was crashing. I tried some of your solutions from this forum, but nothing worked. Other ideas? - vcredist GPU: AMD Radeon RX 560
  19. A

    Question Question regarding CPU overheat problem (possibly)

    Hi there! I had this build for a while and my very first question about it would be if it's even compatible at this point. I have been seriously out of the loop when it comes to building PCs, and I assembled this one over the years based on all sorts of info I could gather on forums, and yet...
  20. F

    Question Is 41 high for idle temp? (i7-9700k @ 4.8 GHz)

    I have an i7-9700k overclocked to 4.8 GHz with an AIO water cooler (Coolermaster ml240l), I used to get much lower idle temps when I first got the PC around 4 months ago (around 24-28) on idle that is, and now I'm getting temps around 41, I mean the weather where I live has changed but not that...