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  1. Brokencomputernvrright

    Question Is this CPU fried ?

    A while ago my entire pc shut offer with no power to mb. I just replaced motherboard and it’s getting power now but no output to monitor. I have posted a pic of the cpu and there is a burn type dark mark on the upper middle part. Is this the issue? I tried using a direct vga connection from mb...
  2. Ramiro.Giorgi

    Question PC wont POST anymore after changing the case ?

    So, yesterday i bought and installed my new pc case on my current pc (the case its the silverstone fara m1 micro atx)...everything seemed fine at first, it posted just fined i watch some youtube and everything. Today same thing, until i decided to connect another case fan (molex case fan). When...
  3. commandmo

    Question CPU fan turns on and quickly off

    CPU: Ryzen 1700 with wraith cooler Power supply: Gigabyte 850w Mtherboard: B550 MSI Tomahawk PROBLEM: When I turn the PC on, the CPU fan (wraith cooler) turns on and quickly turns off and remains off. The CPU fan is plugged in the 4 pin fan header and has worked for about a month...
  4. C

    Question Would this cause a major bottleneck or should I upgrade?

    So I have an Ryzen 5 5600 X and I’m considering getting a 6900 XT should I upgrade to a Ryzen 7 5800 X or will the 5600x be able to keep up at 1440p?
  5. jafar__4

    Question PC Restart When the PC is IDEL Only

    i have a proplem the proplem is the pc restart when i am leaveing the pc for while i replace the psu and i think the proplem from the psu and it will fix the proplem , but for sadly idont think the proplem is gone last time its come to me when i download something the pc crush and the...
  6. S

    Question When I updervolt my I7 13700K i get WHEA error in Event viewer.

    Hi guys! When I undervolt my I7 13700K by even 0.065volt not even I get WHEA error in Event viewer. I don't get BSOD or anything or performance loss. I just get error when I look at event viewer sometimes. Should I just ignore the error as it doesnt cause any problems? or Should Lower my offset...
  7. khauamx5

    Question 10400f + 64GB RAM vs 13400f + 32GB RAM for 3D work ?

    Hi, so I am planning on building a new computer for gaming and 3d work (zbrush, maya, substance painter, unreal engine 5), I am in doubt between a 10400f + 3080 + 64gb ram vs a 13400f + 3080 + 32gb ram, both ddr4, plus the 10400f will have a 2tb m.2 and the 13400f only a 1tb sata ssd, these are...
  8. jjj22

    Question Nothing turns on when I plug the 24-pin into the motherboard ?

    So my PC won’t turn on for unknown reasons and I have tried everything from resetting CMOS to taking everything apart and putting it back in. I have made sure everything is compatible. Or thought I made sure. All my parts (I have no other parts it’s my first time building): GIGABYTE B550M DS3H...
  9. A

    Question No display or POST on new build ?

    Hey, I'm in the middle of building myself a new rig and it's becoming a complete nightmare. At the current moment, everything seems to power up okay, LEDs, etc but there's no display or POST. Since I have an Asus motherboard, the power is flashing rapidly indicating that the DRAM has an issue...
  10. bob9332

    Question For how long will my CPU still be up to date ?

    Hello, i bought a prebuilt in 2018 for around 800 bucks and I'm starting to notice that newer games don't run all that well. I'm suspecting its a CPU issue because my GPU is 2000Mb and that is a lot. my CPU is a Pentium G4620 @ 3.70GHz. For how long will I be able to still use it until its fully...
  11. Brokencomputernvrright

    Question Pc powers on with no output to monitor

    My pc completely shut off a while ago. Took to repair shop they said motherboard. I replaced the mother board. It powers on now but no image on monitor. Could it be the cpu or graphics card? When I took the computer apart, the thermal paste was almost all gone and not sure if you’re suppose to...
  12. TheGecko31

    Question Good 5000 CPU to pair with a 7900 XTX ?

    I currently have a Ryzen 7 3700X and a Sapphire 7900 XTX Nitro GPU. I am aware that this CPU can be a bottleneck to this GPUs performance and wonder if anyone could suggest a Ryzen upgrade from my current CPU. I don't want to have to change my MOBO so I would assume a 5000 series would be my...
  13. DANDYs

    Question Cinebench Multicore disconnects monitor ?

    Hello, https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Kyqq6r I reccently upgraded my CPU from Ryzen 7 3700x to Ryzen 9 5950x. everything else in the system stayed the same. After installing the CPU i ran into a problem. When i had the 3700x, Cinebench had no issue at single and multicore test, however, with...
  14. S

    Question PC turns on but no display and NO motherboard led lights

    Hey there! I've been struggling with a hardware issue and i've made a deep search on the web but i had no luck at all. I changed my components recently, and I bought hardware from a friend and i've been using the new rig for over a month: motherboard, psu, gpu, and cpu. Note: GPU and PSU were...
  15. Mikey08494

    Question CPU Error Lights

    Hello everyone, I am looking to get help about my cpu error light on boot. In order to fix this issue I have to physically push on the cpu cooler towards my cpu sometimes also having to loosen / tighten my cpu cooler. And then it boots fine. Sometimes I get a WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. Then I...
  16. M

    Question With this spec, do I need a graphic card to boost CPU performance?

    CPU: i9-7900X RAM: 8 Corsair 16GB RAMs DDR4 SSD: 970 EVO Plus Samsung Motherboard: Aorus X299 CPU Cooler 1: Liquid Freezer II 420 CPU Cooler 2: DeepCool AK620 Case 1: Cooler Master Case 2: Lian Li Lancool III ATX I read that some CPUs require a separate graphic card to make the monitor run. Is...
  17. Aera1132

    Question Recently I saw a red light blinking light with a beep sound on my friend's CPU, could anyone help her why it happens?

    Recently I saw a red light blinking light with a beep sound on my friend's CPU, could anyone help her why it happens?
  18. AllNaturalBeef

    Question New Ryzen 5 5600x not working in B450 Gaming Pro Carbon Max WiFi

    I recently purchased an AMD Ryzen 5 5600x CPU to install in my MSI B450 Ganing Pro Carbon Max WiFi motherboard. Specs for the pc: CPU and MB as mentioned GPU - PNY GTX 1050 ti xlr8 RAM - 16gb Gskill Trident z rgb (2x 8gb) PSU - Thermaltake Toughpower GX1 500w rgb 80+ gold SSD - Samsung 980 m.2...
  19. itzxethan13

    Question CPU overheating After cleaning, also just had a new nvme and added a new case fan

    Hello, I recently started getting problems with overheating on my cpu, I cleaned my pc with an compressed air cleaner and i installed a nvme a day before cleaning and noticed this issue im not sure if it was the nvme or the cleaning, im using an Kraken M22 and the fans are spinning and the pump...
  20. TypicalPhantom

    Question When cpu power is plugged in the pc constantly just turns on and off over and over again

    Got Home today and wanted to update my drivers before i played anything and after updating i restarted my pc and now it wont start. Took everything out and put it back in again and i finally figured out the problem only happens when my cpu power is plugged in. Need help figuring this out so...
  21. P

    Question How does my 1440p high settings build look?

    After reading up I've decided to go for an AM5 build. Upgrading from an i7-9700k + rtx 2070 super to this: GPU: RX 6800xt CPU: Ryzen 5 7600x COOLER: be quiet! Pure Rock 2 FX Black MOBO: Asus PRIME B650-PLUS RAM: Kingston DDR4 FURY Beast 2 x 16GB Already have storage, Windows, PSU (850watts)...
  22. Leafy202

    Question After overclocking nothing opens

    I just overclocked by 1 up 36-37 and went up by one on voltage my PC turns on by its just frozen on this menu where it tells me F2 for bios F6 for instant flash f11 for boot menu and tab but I cant do anything if I try to go to BIOS it just gives me the beep that I went into bios but bios...
  23. PaPies

    Question Is my CPU Dying? Could it be something else?

    (Please IGNORE most of this, goto my comment #7) (this is while Chrome opens) While I canno't reproduce this, in the last month, when I turned on the PC, it would just stay on black screen, I waited 10 minutes and nothing, then I just decided to hold the power button(as my case doesn't have...
  24. D

    Question ARCTIC Freezer A35 A-RGB not working on ASRock AB350M Pro4

    So my friend bought AB350M PRO4 motherboard with an ARCTIC Freezer A35 A-RGB but the cooler wont get detected by the BIOS at all we updated the BIOS watched tutorials googled everything to no luck so y'all are our last hope and no the cooler doesn't work most of the time spins a few times and stops
  25. Iver Hicarte

    Discussion Performance Between Repaired CPU Pins vs. Untouched CPU Pins?

    [Moderator edit to break up one continuous paragraph of text.] I've read somewhere on the internet that even if someone manages to repair a CPU's pin, that it will never ever match the feel and performance of a CPU's pin that has never been touched or damaged. And I believe this could be true...
  26. Tatoline

    Question i9-10900K | CPU Usage Always at Max with Different Apps

    For about 4-5 months now, the CPU usage on my computer has constantly been at 100%. Different applications are always using the majority of it. For example, let's say Kaspersky is using 60% and the total usage is at 100%. When I close Kaspersky, then OneDrive starts using 60%. If I close that...
  27. rhyz4

    Question CPU overheating after restart, stays high even when idle

    Hi, I am using a HP Pavilion Gaming laptop with: 16GB RAM, Intel Core i7-10750H 2.60GHz and a nVidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q graphics card. I have this issue where my CPU is staying at high temperatures at all times and my fans are non-stop working, this happened after I restarted my laptop...
  28. stewuie

    Question [SOLVED] Is this considered as Thermal Throttling or the CPU Cooler is hindering my CPU's Clock Speed?

    I have a I5-10600 base 3.3 ghz clock speed max is 4.8 ghz clock speed The temps are 35 to 45 degrees when idle and they use like 4.8 ghz when idle and when benchmarking they skyrocket to 90 degrees and hit 3.9 ghz and go stable around 78 - 81 degrees Is this typically normal when benchmarking...
  29. HGhost

    Question Can't figure out why my CPU is overheating

    A few weeks ago my PC started turning itself off after about 2 minutes of running. After a while I found that the temperature for the CPU was going up to about 100° before it shut off. I cleaned it, I replaced the thermal paste, the cooler, and even the CPU itself, but it's still happening...
  30. MilanHun

    Question Laptop CPU reaches 100°C while I gaming ?

    Hello, I have an Asus Tuf Dash F15 FX516PE with an i7-11370H CPU. After about 30 min my cpu reaches 100°C while gaming. CPU usage is about 30%. It was twice in service and they changed my laptop's motherboard. Should I send it again to service?
  31. T

    Question [SOLVED] Crash/BSOD + CPU temperature and/or PSU problem?

    Hello, I recently bought a high-end computer (7 months ago), but the problem is that on some demanding games (e.g. Cyberpunk, BF2042, RD2, Star Citizen, etc...) I couldn't play for more than an hour without a crash back to Windows (or in the worst case a complete PC crash). I didn't pay much...
  32. Dillonr93

    Question Major stability issues with high end build ?

    Hello all. I have a high end pc that I've had for just about a year now. Ever since it was first built, it has had issues with booting, issues with freeze framing/stuttering and issues with games crashing. I'll list my specs here and then afterwards go into a more detailed breakdown of the...
  33. C

    Question Motherboard or CPU dead?

    Hi I’m desperate for some advice on this. Today I took my custom built PC apart to clean out all the fans as I was hitting high temps and it needed cleaning. Anyway I took the GPU out, used a dry paintbrush to gently remove surface dust, I also removed the water cooler for the CPU and did the...
  34. Idsen06

    Question No signal after upgrading CPU from Ryzen 3 2300x to Ryzen 5 3600, new motherbroad Asus prime B450-plus, with ready for ryzen 3000 on the box.

    Hey, first time writing here. I have a problem, hopefully you guys can help I wanted to change a old CPU to a new Ryzen 5 3600. After I changed it, i turn on the pc, everthing turns on, fans and lights, but the monitor says no signal. I tried going back to the old CPU, Ryzen 3 2300x, the same...
  35. L

    Question CPU Overheating Problem

    Hello guys, I am using AMD Athlon X4 640 processor. I renewed the thermal paste almost 1 month ago using Cooler Master. System idles at 70-80 degrees. In games and when I do a stress test, it goes up to 90-95 degrees and goes to shutdown. What do you think is the problem?
  36. N

    Question Random crashes when gaming ?

    Hi. My self built pc has been having issues the past 6 months. Games crash on it with no error and nothing i could see in event viewer either. Games support tells me its not game issue so now im stuck. I can play some games without issues, but in ex. Grounded/Astroneer/Days Gone etc the game...
  37. Iver Hicarte

    Question FPS Starts to Drop when 3 or more games are simultaneously open, what system component should I upgrade?

    I have this habit of opening 3 or more games simultaneously so that way if I ever get tired of playing a game, I just move onto the next one open. I've noticed that when there are 3 games open, specifically Yakuza 6, Team Fortress 2 and Resident Evil 4, the FPS drops especially in RE4, so the...
  38. Eddie Mitza

    Question Is an i5-13600KF CPU enough for a Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4070 GAMING OC, 12GB GDDR6X, 192 bit GPU?

    Hello, Like the title says, I'm planning on upgrading my PC and I don't know if the i5-13600KF CPU I'm planning on getting would cause a bottleneck for the Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4070 GAMING OC, 12GB GDDR6X, 192 bit GPU that I'm also about to buy. Any thoughts? Thanks. P.S: I'm gonna use the PC...
  39. M

    Question Recently Upgraded to 7900XTX - Experiencing Micro Stutters

    Hello, I recently upgraded my GPU to an AMD 7900XTX (Powercolor Hellhound Spectral White Edition); my previous video card was an Asus TUF 3090 OC edition. Prior to installing the new video card, I used DDU in Safe Mode to remove any traces of Nvidia GPU drivers. I then downloaded AMD Adrenalin...
  40. L

    Question Are CPUs expected to continuously run on Turbo, because mine doesn't seem to be able to ?

    So I recently got 10600 with a stock cooler and it seems to be unable to handle being turbo boosted. Is it normal? I even undervolted it with throttlestop to about -70mv on cpu and cache. It runs for around a minute at 4.4, overheats to 90C and throttles down to around 4.1 which seems to be a...