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    Question (GPU Overclock?) Looking to Boost Performance SLIGHTLY |BDO, Details Inside. TLDR at bottom

    So the drive to improve my performance slightly is inspired by one slightly suboptimally optimized game named BDO. What I am talking about is something very specific, and very 'small' in the grand sense of things. But I'd like to pick peoples brain and see if they think it is possible. So I'm...
  2. P

    Question My PC running games is really slow and I can't figure out why.

    Hi all. So, I need help. My PC, built around a year or two ago, first ran games perfectly fine, no issues at all, but recently, its gotten really slow and laggy, even on the lowest settings, and I cant figure out why. My Specs are as follows - CPU - i5 4670k Cooler - CoolerMaster Hyper 212X GPU...
  3. O

    Question Should I upgrade my pc or buy a laptop?

    So, I recently passed my diploma and I have atleast 3 months before the engineering college starts. Also I'm a gamer so want to enjoy my vacation playing games (no esports). So, I was thinking to upgrade my pc as it's total crap right now but then my friend suggested me that I'm going to buy a...
  4. F

    Question Building a Gaming PC, need help with some components

    I'm building a gaming PC and want to future proof it so these are the components I am sure about, if there are better suggestions by not exceeding the price a lot, I'm open to them so this is what I've concluded in my system till now. I'll be doing 1080 and 1440 gaming mostly CPU- i7...
  5. S

    Question Laggy Output when recording with OBS

    I have started using OBS for recording my CSGO clips as It's a nice free software with many great features. I had been using ShadowPlay recorder and had smooth output without any fps drop in game the only reason i stopped using it was that it couldn't save the records into a single file if it's...
  6. B

    Question Built Pc 2 days ago all games crash after 10-20 min of playing no error msg

    So yes i built my pc 2 days ago installed windows and drivers all updates and when i tried playing bfv, overwatch, and a couple different steam games i crash 10 to 20 min in..... My specs are CPU- Intel - Core i7-8700K 3.7 GHz 6-Core Processor CPU COOLER- Cooler Master - Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM...
  7. AndrewFreedman

    Info Sony and Microsoft Strike Vague Game Streaming Partnership

    Sony and Microsoft today announced a vague partnership in which the two companies will use Microsoft's Azure cloud technology for game streaming. Sony and Microsoft Strike Vague Game Streaming Partnership : Read more
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    Question Stuttering In Games [i5 9600K, GTX 1070 Ti]

    This was my first ever PC Build that I built sometime early January. I've been having stuttering issues in games (I think even from the start) and they're regardless of my settings. I never decide to fix it by opting for Vsync or locking my frames to 60 because it's unbearable to me and I feel...
  9. S

    Question Question about RAM and Performance

    Does RAM improve performance as you play a game? Like as you play, and more and more stuff gets loaded into the RAM, do stutters and stuff diminish as it goes to the RAM to pull the data instead of the hard drive? I ask, because I've been playing a lot of Mordhau, my CPU is my bottleneck, and...
  10. AndrewFreedman

    Info PC Gaming Show Returns to E3 2019: How to Watch

    The PC Gaming Show is coming back to E3 2019. Here's what to expect and how to watch. PC Gaming Show Returns to E3 2019: How to Watch : Read more
  11. M

    [SOLVED] Lenovo IdeaPad 100S-14, what will it run? Got an offer on one for studying, would like to play a bit on it too.

    Greetings. So i got an offer on a Lenovo IdeaPad 100s 14". I'm gonna start studying again in August, and therefore i need a laptop for it. The thing is, in August Classic WoW will come out, and i'm planning on playing it. You guys think this laptop could muscle it? Thank you! Appreciate the...
  12. K

    Build Advice HELP in my Gaming PC build

    Mobo:- Gigabyte Z390 UD CPU - i7 8700K/9700K RAM - 32GB (G skill Ripjaws or Corsair Vengence) GPU - RTX 2070/2080/1080Ti(I'm looking at Asus Strix versions for my GPU also I'm into gaming in the future i.e Ray tracing)...
  13. Ninelies

    Question Upgrade for the future

    Hello hello... So, I am thinking of upgrading my system to be more customisable futurewise. By that I mainly mean changing my mobo, RAM and CPU to more modern ones. My PC is for gaming purposes but I do like processing power also, just to be sure. This is somewhat my PC now...
  14. H

    Question Ryzen 2700x High Spiking Idle Temperatures.

    Hi, I've had the 2700x for about 3 months now and I'm little confused with the idle temperatures. The temperature seems to start at around 45-50C, which is already pretty high for an idle temp, but then spikes continuously up to 60C. The temperature will then drop back down just below 50 then...
  15. JPODP22

    Question Acer Aspire T3-710 Upgrade help - Newb here

    Hi everyone! Long story short... I am a newb to this website/forum and was in need of a little help if possible? So I have an Acer Aspire T3-710 PC specs as follows: i7 6th Gen 6700 @ 3.4Ghz 16GB Ram @ 1600mhz (2x8) 64Bit Windows 10 Home + Student edition motherboard from what i can gather...
  16. D

    [SOLVED] Which is the better "Gaming" mouse among these for a Casual Gamer

    I am no pro and don't want to be one, just want to enjoy my casual FPS gaming, meanwhile i've got only two options on my side - Logitech G90 Gamdias DEMETER E1 And NYX E1 Combo...
  17. A

    Question Green screen flickering when gaming in full screen

    Green screen flickering in gaming AMD Graphics Card Asus Expedition RX 570 4GB DDR5 Desktop PC Operating System Windows 10 64bit (fully up to date) Driver version installed 19.4.1 i had latest version 19.5.1 (but issue remains so i revert back to old one) Display Devices Samsung (s24d330)...
  18. G

    Question Low GPU usage causing fps drops

    Everything was fine a day ago, then today I suddenly started getting really bad performance on games. I got 40 fps on League of Legends and I'd get more on that with an Intel HD Graphics, so it doesn't really make sense. After checking a few things, I realized that the gpu usage was really low...
  19. StormBrew

    Question Computer Has Been Working Fine for Years, Now Only Turns on When I Flip the Light Switch

    My desktop had been working fine up for the last few years up until a few days ago when it started acting super strangely. The front IO power button had stopped turning the computer on. This was a problem that I experienced a few years back after I had first built the PC, and had no actual...
  20. F

    Question my PC freezes after playing games for NO REASON?

    i have a maximus iv extreme z motherboard intel i5-3570k 4 core processor at 3.4ghz nvidia gtx 780 gpu 8gb ddr3 1600mhz. my power supply is a cooler master silent pro 1000w. when i play fortnite or gtav ill be able to play for random sets of times but i always freeze, sometimes its been the...