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  1. N

    Question 2080ti underperform

    Hello I had a little gaming break and started playing again a few days ago. But something felt wrong, had low FPS at Cyberpunk, so I did a Benkmarktest in 3DMark. My Felling was right, something is wrong! Here my Specs: 12th Gen Intel Core i7-12700K NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti G.SKilll Trident...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] RTX 4080 underperforming, and system only boots one out of five times ?

    Hey all! A couple days ago I said screw it, and bought all new components as my pc was outdated.. however since putting it together I've had nothing but issues. The first issue is only one out of five times the PC will boot, each time it doesn't post I get 1 long 3 short beeps with the VGA...
  3. psilokamenos

    Question PC underperfoming & low FPS in games ?

    Hi, so my pc is under performing i noticed that when a friend of mine with worst specs was playing the same game with me Battlefield 5 on high settings and he was getting for around 80-90 fps and in the same settings i play in around 40-50 fps i did a benchmark...
  4. Toxic_Uchiha13

    Question Fps/Frames Drops in fortnite with Rx 5700 Xt.

    I’ve got a Rx 5700 xt with a R5 3600 and when i run fortnite in lobby i get about 20-60 fps and major fps drops to like 6 fps. When i get into game i start freezing for a millisecond when looking around. Before I launch fortnite it comes up with a “Install the latest amd drivers” message but...
  5. F

    Question 3070 5600xUNDERPERFORMING

    Ive had this pc for a little over a year now and ive always wondered why im not getting enough frames like I should be. I even played minecraft on all the default settings max and only getting around 50-30 frames in 1080p. Ive played BfV and RDR2 and can barely reach 100 frames on high. SPECS...
  6. blookmore

    [SOLVED] pc performance issues!

    hi, ive recently noticed my pc is severley underperforming on games such as rust i have all settings pretty much as low as they go yet i still barley reach 60 fps my pc specs are: nividia geforce rtx 2060 super amp extreme,AMD ryzen 7 2700x,ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING MOTHERBOARD,2X CORSAIR 8GB DDR4...
  7. StGeorge991

    Question 3080 Ti underperforming ?

    Hi, I just upgraded from ASRock AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT Challenger D 8G OC to Palit GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GameRock, and something that seems somewhat strange, is that I appear to have lower frame rate in most games (could be that GeForce experience needs tweaks, so leave any advices below) Anyway...
  8. U

    [SOLVED] RTX 3080 Underperforming and CPU being used instead.

    PC Specs: ASUS Rog Strix B550-F Motherboard Ryzen 9 3900X Asus RTX 3080 TUF OC HyperX Fury DDR4 3200Hmz 16GB (8x2) Corsairs TX750M 1920x1080 Resolution Last year I bought a PC in parts and built it. I felt like my PC wasn't performing to it's standards, for example in Call of Duty Modern...
  9. Hoff

    [SOLVED] Whys is my rx 580 underperforming

    So I'm having a lot of problems with my rx 580 it is underperforming really bad it hits like 40 fps in Minecraft and other games. I'm wondering if it could be a power problem cause it idles at 6 watts and hits max 30 watts in a game. Also it goes from 0 to 100 utilization back to 0 utilization...
  10. SupimX

    [SOLVED] Low CPU & GPU usage , & Low FPS ?

    Specs -OS: Windows 10 Home Edition -GPU: AMD Radeon R7 260M -CPU: Intel Core i5-4210U 2.4 GHz -RAM: 6GB DDR3 -Disk: HDD 1TB (100GB free rn) Other: -Direct X12 -Drivers are all up to date Things i have tried: -scanning for corrupted files through CMD ( sfc/ scannow) -reinstalling graphics...
  11. MIDROU

    [SOLVED] Computer performance problem !

    So here is the thing since i have bought my pc almost 2 years now it has been really weird the first time I noticed it is after having it being really slow on some games and after checking other builds like mine its seemed underperforming and after looking for a fix and doing all the basic...
  12. V

    [SOLVED] PC with RTX 3070 underperforming

    SPECS RTX 3070 RYZEN 5 3600 8x2 3200mhz Corsair Vengeance Pro RAM (XMP is turned on) Corsair RM750X PSU I run all games in 1080p and all the temps are fine when I game. Hey guys. My pc is underperforming in games like Rust and gta, I run like 60-90 fps in both games but when I see benchmarks...
  13. EpicLavaCarpet

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 7 3700x underperforming while gaming?

    I have a Ryzen 7 3700x, 16 GB 3200 MHz RAM, a 3060ti, and an M.2 SSD. My friend has the same CPU, but only a 2070 Super for his GPU. He is getting an average of 30-50 fps better than I am, and his CPU usage is the same as mine. My CPU usage while playing Fortnite (as an example) is only around...
  14. dhruvky94

    Question RTX 3090 FE is underperforming

    Hi All, So I recently finished my build and got some time yesterday to play around with my PC. I noticed right out of the box, my RTX 3090 FE was underperforming compared to the benchmarks/scores people have posted to forums. Here my PC specs: CPU: Ryzen 5900X (Stock) Cooler: NZXT X63...
  15. V

    [SOLVED] GPU not being fully used in some games

    Hello. For a few weeks now, i've had this same problem with my laptop where i'm constantly getting low fps on low settings on non-demanding games such as fortnite and cs:go, while on demanding games games like rdr2 I get a good amount of frames on almost max settings. In fortnite lobby, I get...
  16. Rambowfich

    Question i think my gtx 1050 ti doesnt perform how it should

    i was playing ark with my friends when i noticed that my gpu is the whole time on 100% on lowest graphic settings. Is that normal or is my gpu broken?
  17. D

    Question RX 560 not performing as it should

    So, a couple years ago, I purchased the MSI AERO ITX Radeon RX 560 (https://www.msi.com/Graphics-card/Radeon-RX-560-AERO-ITX-4G-OC.html ). Well, basically I haven't even thought about it for some reason. But the graphics card is performing way worse than I have heard. On gpu.userbenchmark.com it...
  18. M

    Question RTX 2070 under performing?

    Hello all, I recently got an RTX 2070 windforce gpu, and I have an i5 9600k cpu and I run fortnite on high settings and it hovers around 144 FPS, is this an under performance?
  19. Henstar02

    [SOLVED] my computer is under preforming

    i used a program named user bench mark so all the info is here https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/25249568 need all the help i can get thanks boys
  20. N

    Defect RAM Question

    Hi everyone after a few blue screens and freezing I finally removed one of my 8g RAM sticks and I believe that it was the culprit as its been a couple of days without any issues. I am currently left with my other 8g stick and just wanted to ask if that was alright or if there is anything i need...