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  1. Twitch.Yazuzuie

    Build Advice Terrible Situation [Low FPS]

    Hey guys recently I’ve had terrible FPS in csgo around 80-120 in casual and about 150-220 in wingman and I stream a lot. Since my pc is starting to slowly slow down i need a new cpu, but I also don’t have a monitor because right now I’m using a 19 inch insignia tv. So what should I upgrade...
  2. allie454

    Question Upgrading my CPU

    I'm fairly new to pc's and gaming on one in general. I was looking to pair my Fx 6300 with a Gtx 1050(ti) as I have read these pair well together. My card I have right now is Nvidia GeForce 1030, which is too weak for my cpu right now. My motherboard is "Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd...
  3. Guppu

    [SOLVED] Does the 0K83V0 Dell Inspiron 560s Motherboard have a PCI-e slot?

    The system is a Dell Inspiron 560s. It's a pre-built PC but I am planning to upgrade the Graphics Card. The question is whether the motherboard comes with PCI-e x16 (2.0) slots or not. My issues are: The motherboard seems to be attached to the case. The case is just 80mm in width. That means...
  4. X

    Question I wanna upgrade an old rig

    I have two old rigs. One is running an AMD Athlon II X3 445 with 3 cores and 4GB of DDR3 RAM, with a possible max of 16GB. I know I can unlock the fourth core, but I'm not sure how. The second rig is running a Core 2 Quad Q6600 and 4GB of DDR2 memory, with a possible max of 8GB. I have a EVGA...
  5. O

    Question My PC VS Buying An Xbox One X

    I'm thinking of buying the Xbox One X AGAIN after i sold it last time (because there was no price regulation for Turkey then but now there is) but i'm having doubts... I have somewhat of a gaming computer but its really old (Like 5 years) and i haven't upgraded it PC Specs: CPU: AMD FX-8350...
  6. mstok

    Question CPU Upgrade

    Hi all, Recently upgraded my cpu, and although I think it does what it is supposed to, it still takes so long for me to launch. Whenever I launch I get a black screen for about 30 seconds and ( sometimes crashes during that), after which it boots up normally. I tried finding and updating all...
  7. E

    Question I would like to upgrade my PC for 4k Premiere and After Effects editing. Can someone help me?

    Hey. I have a fairly decent computer. However, since buying it a couple years ago it has never performed as well as I expected. I would like to upgrade it so I can edit 4k video. At the moment it really struggles, even with 1080p at times. What would be the best parts to swap out? Budget wise I...
  8. skie

    Question What should I upgrade to help my PC run games better

    I'm looking to upgrade my PC and I need some help figuring out what I should/shouldn't upgrade. Right now here are my specs Processor AMD Ryzen 3 1200 Quad-Core Processor, 3100 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) Graphics Card: NVIDIA 1050 Ti Ram: 16 GB 1TB SSD 1TB HDD Right now I...
  9. L

    Question upgrade for my i5-7600k?

    Hey, I'm looking to upgrade my good old i5-7600k it has been good to me but in recent titles like assassin's creed odyssey, rdr2, call of duty warzone I have some heavy bottleneck with my gtx 1080 since I do a lot of multitasking like watching movies or videos while gaming and using Discord...
  10. D

    Question Upgrade/replace laptop screen?

    Hi. Looking to upgrade hp 15-f387wm (non-touch screen) from 1366 x 768p to 1920x1080p screen. Is this possible?, and where can I find one that would be compatible? Uses 40pin connector I believe.
  11. D

    Question Upgrading my Lenovo Legions CPU and GPU, looking for advice!

    Hi good people! I am little on a budget but I would like to buy some used CPU and GPU and upgrade my have a Lenovo Legion Tower PC (Y520T-25IKL) which now has: intel b250 16gb ram (2400mhz, I think) GeFroce GTX 1050 ti (4GB) Intel i3 7100 For CPU I was thinking an i7 6700k or i7 7700k for...
  12. TheTuskii

    [SOLVED] Compatibility

    Hello whoever is reading this! I have been wanting to upgrade my PC for a while and I have a parts list of Ideas. If you are able to confirm or correct my build, it would be muchly appreciated! What I Have (As Of Now) --> https://pcpartpicker.com/list/zhg3Jb (The mother board and ram I put were...
  13. S

    [SOLVED] ~$500 Budget Upgrade!

    Hello folks, tried r/buildapc, but got only one input, so I had to come back back here as I know numerous helpers are around and vocal. I've had the same components for about 2-3 years as I built it during my early years of high school. They were good enough for me as I mainly only played...
  14. D

    Question Does it worth something?

    Hello, recently I have i7 8086K. Does it worth something to upgrade on i9 9900K? Or any advice for upgrade overall? Computer is primarily for gaming in 4k.
  15. S

    Question Can my build support a Graphics Card upgrade?

    This is my build currently. I'm just wondering if upgrading to a GTX 2080 Super will cause any issues. Or if there are any other suggestions of Graphics Card I could upgrade to, that would also be helpful. GTX 1070 O8G (ASUS STRIX) Corsair 16GB RAM 250GB SSD Cryorig CR-H7A Cooler 1TB HDD NZXT...
  16. Y

    Question Upgrade for my PC

    Hi everyone! I have ASRock H87 Pro4 (chipset H87) LGA 1150 i5-4670K, 3700 MHz 16 Gigs of RAM DDR-3 1600 (dual chanel) GTX 770, 2 GB i have problems with some new games (like Detroit become human) and i feel like i need an upgrade, but obviously i don't wanna change MB and everyting, just want...
  17. L

    Question Upgrade needed from 1050Ti?

    I am thinking of upgrading my graphics card. I recently started playing GTA V after a couple years of not playing. I don't recall any issues and now the graphics have like a stutter when action on the screen is moving quickly. The GeForce experience software applied recommended settings that...
  18. P

    Question Best upgrade from gtx 1050 ti

    Hi guys! Currently i have this build (built in early 2018): https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Potterman/saved/#view=nDkMZL I want to upgrade my gpu (and my cpu if i must), because i want to max out the performance within the 1080p range. My budget is around 160 usd / 140 euro. Can you help me...
  19. S

    [SOLVED] is my pc good enough for an RTX 2060 OR GTX 1660 SUPER?

    I still didn't decide on which GPU Upgrade should I go for. I want to go either for an RTX 2060 OR GTX 1660 SUPER. With this upgrade, I am also planning on getting a new Power Supply (500W-600W) & More Ram (16-32GB). I Mostly want to know if my MOTHERBOARD & My Cooling is suited for an RTX 2060...
  20. S

    Question Are these upgrades okay?

    Hello! I am upgrading my old desktop computer: Hardware Experience: 0 Computer: ASUS CM6870 with completely original parts. Ideal Budget: $800CDN ($600 USD) Max Budget: $1000CDN ($750USD) Goal: Capability to run AAA videogames. Questions: Are these upgrades okay? Should I be looking at...