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  1. PhoenixLord1994

    Question NAT and UDP Ports

    Hi everyone I am struggling with a game setting, every time I log into Warframe I get a message saying: "Strict NAT detected. UPnP malfunctioning . Please forward UDP ports 4950 & 4955" to a specific IP address. I am using a Hauwei B315s-936 and I do not know how to change the settings on the...
  2. Frazzy

    [SOLVED] Should UPnP be enabled or off?

    I game alot and stream so wondering if i need it on?
  3. WhistlingWillie

    [SOLVED] Home Network NAS Setup for Best Write Speed While Serving as a Media Server Directory

    Hardware: RT-AC1900P WD My Passport 25E2 (USB 3.0) Laptop (running Windows 10 Personal) In order to be able to write to the USB drive while it's plugged into the router, it has to be formatted by the router, which renders the directory invisible to windows if connected directly to the PC via...
  4. M

    PC stopped booting properly after failed OC

    Hello my pc has a problem that it doesn't boot properly anymore after a failed oc I did lol. Okay I use to be able to just press the power button and boot properly before the oc then after I just have this problem where it won't boot. I would have to keep flipping the power switch on and off...