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    Question USB2-Ports not working right. Drives are not recognized

    hey guys, i have a realy weird problem with my usb-ports on the mainboard. My mainboard is the GA-AB350M-DS3H from Gygabite. The strange thing is, that no USB 2.0 port is working in the way it should. I can plug my mouse and my keyboard in them and things are working fine. But if i am...
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    GA-H97M-D3H Not detecting USB drive?

    Hey there, i just replaced my mobo/cpu (GAH97M-D3H And i5 4590) and i wanted to install windows from a bootable USB (Checked and it works on another pc). My problem is, when i go to the boot options the USB drive is simply nowhere to be seen. Does anybody have any experience with this? Any help...